Spiritual Health - Taking Upon Yourself

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Spiritual Health – Taking Upon Yourself

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Taking Upon Yourself

I’m sure you’ve heard this expression. When people take upon themselves to do something for someone else in the Spirit of… and you’re sometimes wondering if it’s the Spirit of Giving or in reality the Spirit of Taking.

Let me give you an example. About five years ago, I met a very spiritual person who decided to join the station and give us some needed help. They were quite good in creating websites and setting them up. Once they accomplish that particular goal, they went on and appointed themselves the Keeper of the Website and made sure it ran smoothly, kept out hackers, rid the site of spammers, and in general kept the website running smoothly and healthfully. I believed that this person did it because they knew I needed help in that particular area and that it took some of the responsibility off my shoulders. I was appreciative of what this person did for me and the company and told him. In fact, they were paid a wage.

For several months everyone was happy until that fateful day when that person indicated to me that they needed more money and if I didn’t give them the requested monies, then the website would disappear forever.

I thought this person was doing it by helping relieve me of some of the responsibility of creating and up keeping the website. Out of the Spirit of their heart. Well, I was wrong. To the tune of $5,000 wrong.

The Spirit of Giving

When anyone offers to do something for you from their Spiritual Heart, make sure you and they are on the same page. That this Heart-felt Spiritual Act of Giving (Kindness) doesn’t come with a price tag.

Too often people associate giving and kindness from the bottom of their Spiritual Heart when they actually mean, if I do something for you free of charge, then you’ve got to do something for me. Either free of charge or with some hidden payment.

Too often people just don’t get it when they make an offer that no one is holding a gun to their head or forcing their hand in making an offer to help someone out.

When the receiving end receives the Gift of Spirituality, they’re often shocked to find that this gift has an estimated value attached to it, and they expect the value to meet their minimum of how much they think that act of kindness was worth.

A Spiritual Act of Giving

When a person offers from their heart, they are saying they are doing someone a kindness, an opportunity to help this person or these people get through a monstrous period in their life.

Whatever is offered is gratefully accepted.

It’s unfortunate that most people confuse the two and send those conflicting messages onto the very people they’re trying to help.

When someone takes upon their shoulders to help someone out, they should (if they must) give out all the details of that particular gift so each party knows exactly what payment is going to be exacted.

That way no one will leave disappointed and no one will get their Spiritual Heart damaged in the process.

When someone offers to take some of the doubt, responsibilities, fear, anger, problems off your respective shoulders, make sure that when you accept this act that you’re not paying with your Spiritual Health or with your Spiritual Life.

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