Spiritual Health: Ever Wonder What G-Naws Your Soul?

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Spiritual Health: Ever Wonder What G-Naws At Your Soul? by Lillian Cauldwell - October 10, 2017 Ever wonder what g-naws at your soul? Ever took the time to figure it out? Worms? Worry? Doubt? Ambiguities? Fertilizer? Hold on! Fertilizer? I’m not a plant! In a manner of speaking, you are. A young tender green shoot one that draws upon different substances to make you grow and keep growing spiritually. I bet you never thought of yourself that way. Growing. You probably figured that growing meant maturation, sophistication, and aging. Perhaps, physically, but not spiritually. Spiritually, one never grows old, except in wisdom — in the knowing — in the doing — in the healing. Spiritually, one never stops growing. The more we encounter and bring into ourselves, our internal selves, the more we experience the wonder of the universe and beyond. We are not chained to a physical reality. We are not deprived of oxygen, food, water, or sentiment. Spiritually, one can rove the planets and sail on to other unknown splendors that can occupy an inner and outer space. Only our physical selves can hold us down from traveling far among the stars. The more we grow, the more we can move on spiritually to higher planes not tied down by gravity, our doubts, worries, worms, or ambiguities. We are truly free to do what our innermost heart desires. To see the universe in 80 days. Until next time… .