Spiritual Health

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Welcome to Down to Earth Spiritualism with Coach Lillian Cauldwell.

Today Lillian will be talking about Spiritual Health.

What is Spiritual Health? Why is it so important to us, as individuals, to your peers, who are your worldly relations as compared to your immediate family which is your intimate relations with the people you love.

Spiritual health is also what keeps you running smoothly. Spiritual Health is the fine-tuning of your physical, mental, and spiritual health that supports your inner system. The part of you that's rarely exposed to two worlds: The physical world is the world in which you live with your family, peers, and other people who make up your world. The spiritual world is the world in which you can turn to in times of stress, trouble anger, or fear.

That part of you, the Spiritual part, will keep you from harm and imminent trouble if you allow it to become part of your finely tuned engine which runs the entire show.

You-Yourself-- I.

Why is it so important to keep your spiritual health up and running? Like most engines that work for us, are, trucks, buses, trains, airplanes, tanks, anything mechanical, if we didn't take proper care of it, the engine runs dry, the engine quits, the engine sputters and die, and you can't make the engine work for you unless you know enough to take care of it yourself or take it to garage where a mechanic does the work for you.

Spiritual tuning is like an engine.

To keep it fit and running smoothly there are certain steps one must take to make sure that your engine doesn't spit and cough, sputter and dies, or stops working entirely.

To keep yourself spiritually fit you must first look within yourself and find your 'inner voice.'

Don't have one? Of course, you do. Look harder. Use a mirror. Look at your reflection. What do you see besides your outer self? Look closer. Find that one thing that speaks to you when you're in moments of stress, anger, fear, or confusions.

Something digs inside your soul and tells you not to do something because if you do follow through the consequences would be catastrophic. So, pause and take a deep earth and take a closer look at the situation. Sometimes your impulse kicks in and you act before you think. We all know what happens later. You pay for that one mistake for perhaps the rest of your life: going to jail, killing someone in a fit of rage, or hitting or striking a family member and then begging for forgiveness knowing inside that it's just an emotional ploy. That you'll do the same thing repeatedly because it makes you feel powerful, makes you feel big, or makes you feel you're in control.

When you don't take care of your spiritual health, you might loose it and give in to the dark side. What people might say as evil, bad, destructive, impulsive, narcissist. There are lots of words out there to describe the dark side of spiritual nature. 

Make sure you keep yourself open to the light.

Light? Sunshine? Lamplight? Moon light? The light that's inside of you. You'll know it when it happens. It makes you feel bubbly, happy, content, and possibly ambitious. These lights shine in all of us.

Keep your inner windows opened. Keep that light burning. Maintain your engine. Because one day you might need to overcome an obstacle, climb an emotional mountain, or handle an emotional crisis threatening your family.

Spiritual health is allot like our personalities. It makes it possible or us to live and love within our worlds: physical and spiritual.