Lillian's Travels: Spiritual Health

Spiritual tune-up
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Lillian’s Travels: Spiritual Health

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When was the last time you had a Spiritual Health checkup?

That long? You can’t even remember?

That’s worse.

The spirit is always with you.

Is it like the Force? It’s a part of the Force!

Both go hand in hand together. Without one the other is left alone on the playing field and will possibly go no further than you have already taken or you might turn to the Dark side.

The Dark Side

Don’t laugh. There’s a dark side to everyone when making their choices during their life-long journey. People turn aside for various and saundry reasons. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Let me enlighten you.

Choices are what make the world turns around. The choices we make are what we face every day — every second — every minute — every hour of our life. Make the wrong choice and all that hinges on that one choice can destroy the world around you. Make the right choice and all that hinges on that one choice can brighten and build the world around you.


Let me put it another way. In STAR WARS, Luke is warned by Obi-wan not to give in to his temptations, his weakness because both will lead him down the wrong path. When Luke makes the right choice, he knows it through and through. You might say “it pierces his soul.” In other words, Luke knows the difference between right and wrong, good and bad. Remember how eloquently Luke argues with Obi-wan that there’s still good in Darth Vader? That’s because Luke feels the good still lingers in his father’s soul. It hasn’t been completely extinguished yet. It exists, but it’s hanging on a tender thread. One wrong choice from either Luke or Darth Vader will send one or the other or both into hell along with the rest of their companions, peers, and lords.

In this respect, that’s how it is with you and me. We all live good lives. We all live and play by the rules, although some people bend the rules a bit, or tell white lies a bit or play both sides against the middle hoping that no one will notice.

Trust me.

Your spiritual side takes notice and it will affect your worldly health in ways that medical science will never treat nor understand.

When I was young and tender

my grandmother had a major operation. She was told by the doctor that her chances of living were slim to none. “Go ahead” she told the doctor.

Suicide by operating. Don’t sneer. Many people use the police or other people to do their dirty work.

My grandmother had the operation and lived to her doctor’s astonishment. She wasn’t too happy I was told. The next day when the doctor made his rounds he told her that she would be let out at the end of the week. My grandmother smiled and told him. “I’ll be dead before the end of the week.” Her doctor smiled in return and told her. “Your granddaughter will here on Friday to take you to your new home.”

“A nursing home,” she said. The doctor said nothing. The next day when the doctor went on his usual rounds, a nurse walked up to him. “Bed 4, Room 612, Mrs. F. is dead.”

Yep, the old lady willed herself to death. She made her choice. It upset her doctor who had a full Board Review go over what he did and didn’t do. He almost lost his job. My mom was pretty upset. It was her mother. I didn’t understand how a person could will themselves to death…unless their Spiritual Health was out-of-order.


We all make them every day of our life. These choices reflect what’s really going on inside of us. If our Spiritual Health is not 100% perfect in working order, chances are that these choices are often influenced by how we feel inside of ourselves.

In my grandmother’s case, she must’ve felt unloved or un-welcomed and therefore she would rather die than submit herself on either one of her daughters.


A profound sense of loss within ourselves yield different types of choices that reflect upon yourselves. It’s our way of seeing how we’re doing inside of ourselves and whether or not we’re in good shape or not.

My grandmother definitely wasn’t in good shape spiritually. That much I realized, but what I couldn’t understand was why she let her spirituality go. Why didn’t she go inside of herself and fix whatever was wrong with her? Why didn’t she admit she needed help?

Unfortunately, I’ll never know the why’s, wherefores, and what’s since she died. My mother took the same path as her mother, except she starved herself to death. Her spiritual health was out of tune as well.

Perhaps, we all need a Spiritual Tune-up like we give our cars, a tune-up that makes them more efficient, run better, and last longer.

I really don’t know. But, I do this: Everyone needs to keep their Spiritual Health in good condition or worse will happen.

Until next time…