Lillian's Travels: In the Spirituality - Spiritual Kindness versus Physical Kindness

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Lillian’s Travels

Spiritual Kindness versus Physical Kindness

I have often wondered what the biggest difference is between Spiritual Kindness and Physical Kindness.

Spiritual Kindness is what we’re taught at an early age to be toward other people, family, friends, peers, and other adults that we might encounter on our personal life journeys. Physical Kindness is the act of helping, understanding, or sharing what we know and love and exchange it with another person whether that person in return was kind to us.

I sometimes have to stop and think about how to exchange an act of kindness. Kindness in of itself isn’t always easy to share, exchange, or give outright. Sometimes, an act of kindness requires inner strength, a desire to do good, or to ignore the evil that one person displays back to you.

Is Kindness taught? Does it come in the gene pool? Is Kindness learned? Can we train people or children to be kind by giving them a prize whenever they display Kindness to a stranger or a loved one? Is it possible that Kindness can be handed down from one generation to the other or is that just wishful thinking?

Kindness has a sort of haziness around it. It doesn’t always stand out clear when we seek it out. Our fellow man doesn’t always display Kindness to one other. Sometimes, our civilization says “You have to be cruel to be kind.”

Is that true? Must we use Kindness as a weapon of choice? That in order for people to be kind they need to deceive or twist the truth so that the Kindness isn’t mistaken as a sign of weakness?

Spiritual Kindness is not often seen, but it is perceived as an act by someone when they want to show that they care about this person, will love this person without any doubts or hindrances, and will be there for this person no matter what. Spiritual Kindness is often an invisible impulse that makes that person want to protect and have a person’s back with no questions asked. They do it because a voice inside of them tells them this is the right thing to do. That nothing should stand in your way because this is the real way of the world. To honor. To protect. To love. To live with quiet dignity.

Unfortunately, that Spiritual Kindness doesn’t always translate well into physical words and deeds. Sometimes, the act of kindness is bigger in thought than the actual carrying out in public seems intimidating or threatening. After all, when a person displays a physical act of kindness, they’re leaving themselves exposed to the doubters, dis-likers, and haters.

Haven’t you always been told that it’s easier to hate than to be kind? That it’s easier to strike out and destroy than to reap and sow? I wonder if that’s really true or has it become an escape for us so that we don’t have to face the truth about ourselves.