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5 Ways of Paying Attention

I bet you’ve heard a teacher, parent, minister, lawyer, cop or even from a peer to tell you: “Pay Attention.”

How many of you actually do?

Did you know there are 5 ways of Paying Attention?

Ah, “that’s where the c-nanker g-naws.” compliments of Capt. Hood from Peter Pan.


Listening. So, tell me how are your listening skills these days? Do you really listen and pay attention to everything — every word — that is said or implied to you?

Do you listen with half an ear? You’ve heard it all before and there’s nothing being said that you don’t already know? You feel that it’s a waste of your personal time and investment to really listen to what is being told to you? Are you paying lip service to that individual or that group or your boss?

When you’re told to pay attention, this person wants you to hear what they’re saying — or what other people are saying. It might even be important for you to know what they’re saying. You might use this bit of advice or content down the road. You’ll never know when it might come in handy, say between a rock and a hard place?



What? You just mention Listening as number one. What the heck is going on here?

People can hear what you’re saying, especially with a megaphone, a loudspeaker or just plain yelling and screaming will do the trick nicely.

However, when people speak, when a group speaks, when an organization speaks, you really do want to pay attention and hear what they’re saying. It might be of tremendous importance to you and your fellow man. To your family. To your relatives, loved ones. That list is endless.

When you’re in a classroom situation, you’d better pay attention. That information the teacher wrote on the board might appear on a test or worse in a report home to your parents that you’re not paying attention.


Following Through.

Following through on what? You don’t understand that concept? Let me put it plainer.

When People take the time to speak, not only do they want you to pay attention, they might even hope that you follow through on what they have just shared with you.

Individuals don’t have to speak to you at all. They can give you the silent treatment. If you don’t believe me, ask the Amish. They use the silent treatment on people who don’t conform to what their society dictates. Go ask other religious groups who practice the same type of punishment for those people who don’t stay in line with religious beliefs or actions.

You must pay attention and then follow through on that verbal message that was just delivered to you. You need to pick and choose which part of the message or messages apply to you, then go out and perform armed with the information you’ve just received.

Paying attention is hard work. It’s not a stroll in the park or a swim in the pool.

Paying attention requires an individual to think before they act.



Do you ever spend time understanding what your teacher, coach, parent, relative, or peer just said to you? Do you understand the nuance of their speech? Their voice clues? Their body stance? Their facial expressions?

I bet that when paying attention you’re not really focused on what you’re paying attention to. It’s something that you’ve done thousand of times before, but you really never really thought about what was being said or done, therefore your understanding of it may be misplaced, misguided, or misses the mark altogether.



What? You’ve got to implement what was just said or implied by paying attention? How does one do that?

It’s like this. Information and content will never help you if you don’t put it to immediate use. When you take a seminar, webinar, or lecture, you take notes.

Listen to what the Communicator is telling you. Pay attention to what that person wants you to do.

One of the major Pay Attention’s that I’ve found on the web is that these instructors want you to take their information — their content and use it in your daily work or personal routine.

Why? Because if you don’t, you’re wasting the very materials provided to help you get ahead — help you succeed. Nothing succeeds like success. Think about that.

You want to achieve. You want to accomplish. You want to succeed.

You can’t do either one of them if you don’t implement what you’ve just learned, what you’ve just taken notes on if you don’t put it to good use whether business, personal or spiritual.

You must PAY ATTENTION to get things done.

To ACCOMPLISH your goals.

To ACHIEVE your dream.

Paying Attention is a Big Deal.






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