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Spiritual Health
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Lillian’s Spiritual Travels

Spiritual Identity


Lillian S. Cauldwell

Spirituality is a personal quest. No two people 
have the same experience. However, when do
you recognize that you’re a Spiritual person? It’s not something that comes in your DNA or
personality, but rather spirituality is something
that you seek, hope to understand, and use in
your daily life.

I’ll admit the first time I encountered the word
spirituality, it left me feeling dazed like one
losing their bearings and not knowing in what
direction they headed toward. When I embraced
the spiritual side of me I learned that forgiveness is 99% part of the equation.

Spirituality for me is the act of forgiving myself
first. What a strange thing to say, and yet it’s
true. Not too many people forgive themselves for what they’ve done either to themselves, family,
children, siblings, relatives, and/or friends.

We come down hardest on ourselves because we believe that we’re capable of shouldering the
guilt, the burden(s) that most people carry on
during their lifetime.

I come from a long line of guilt by generation.
That means the guilt that was encountered during my ancestor’s time is being transferred from one generation to the next. My shoulders grew too
heavy from the burden. When my son was born, I decided no more. When I raised him, I didn’t
transfer any of the generational guilt from me to him. He was free. His spirituality was free, too.
Let him manufacture his own burdens. He’ll
accumulate enough baggage with his own family without adding past generations to it.

For me, part of forgiveness is knowing when to
admit: When I’m wrong. When I’ve
transgressed. When I’ve lied. When I’ve stole.
The When’s are a formidable burden of guilt. It’s difficult to admit to yourself that you’re not
perfect, you make mistakes, you cause mistakes, and that you’re the beginning and the end
emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

If you make trouble, then you fix it. If you make a mistake, then you correct it. If you instigate a
riot, then you quell it. In all of this, your spiritual identity makes it possible for you to turn your
life around and make the proper choices
necessary to make your life and the lives around you purposeful, enlightening, and spiritual.

We are the beginning and the end. We can make all things possible by aligning ourselves with
who we are spiritually. Once we know ourselves spiritually, there isn’t anything that we can’t do
once we make up our minds and pursue the right path.

The Spiritual Path is different for each one of us and taken alone. Remember what Robert Frost
said in “The Road Not Taken?”

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood ... Sorry I
could not travel both…Took the other, just as
fair…I doubted if I should ever come back.”