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In the Spiritual: Does Action Speak Louder Than Words?

Words useless unless reinforced by actions.
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In the Spiritual: Does Action Speak Louder Than Words?

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Does Action speak louder than Words?

What do you think?

Does action speak louder than words?

I’ll tell you what. I’ll give my sentiments first and then you can email me your thoughts and I might include them in the next blog. How’s that?

You think about it while I hold forth on the given topic.

Does Action speak louder than words?

I think it’s about equal. You know why?

Words hurt when they’re used as a weapon, a decoy, a ‘white’ lie, a falsehood, a depreciation of a person’s worth, abuse, or bullying.

Actions hurt when they’re used as a physical weapon, a decoy, an ‘unkindness,’ a meanness of spirit, or something done in order to harm, maim, or kill that person.

I believe that when people put actions and words together, there’s nothing that can’t be done or fulfilled. You want to know why? Between the two of them, actions…words…there’s no way out for the other person. Between the two actions…those two thoughts…the other person is overwhelmed by the hate, dislike, intention, or preconceived thought that the one in control, the person who is performing the doing will carry out at the mercy of the person these two forces are directed.

Actions are the consequence of a person’s thought pattern. A carry-out of what this person believes to be the truth. The way to carry out their will and spirit over someone else’s will and spirit. When you take action against your enemy, for example, you know where the blow is intended and where that blow is landing. You have thought this action through and know what’s going to happen.

Words are also the consequence of what a person thinks either before, during, or after. When one puts their words out into the world, there’s no container for them. They either hit their mark or float past them and can lead to hurting additional people. Whether those particular words are aimed at others is a moot point. They are out there. If they’re not controlled and corralled, those thoughts have the ability to overthrow governments, stir up a mob, rob another’s person private thoughts, and worse, prevent another’s person’s thoughts or words of making it out into the world.

Words are powerful bullet points that can help or hinder an individual.

Actions are powerful bullets that can strike or kill an individual.

Put together actions and words can be used for goodness or be used for badness.

Only you can decide which side of the path you want to tread; the road not taken or the road with numerous footprints upon it.

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