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In the Spiritual

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Lillian’s Travels: In the Spiritual

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Have you ever considered yourself BIG?

I don’t mean in stature or in width, but Inside of you.

To me, BIG is what you expand into inside your armor, your body.

You might say that BIG is part of your inner spirit. The place where BIG thoughts are planned, BIG plans are initiated, BIG hearts go the extra mile.

I know the movie, BIG, meant something entirely different. It’s about a man who becomes a child, but still retains his adult body. For me, the movie missed an important opportunity to really philosophize with its audience of what BIG really means.

BIG is more than a growth spurt. It’s more than a good stretch.

To me and other people of the spirit, BIG means that there are no limits to what they can do, want to do, and achieve within their lifetime and after.

After, you say? But, you’re dead!

Ah, but your spirit lives on and so does your BIGNESS. Just because you’re not there in the physical sense does not imply that your big goals, intentions or plans go away. They are still there being implemented by the people who followed you out of love, loyalty, and belief.

You see that I said belief. In order for some people to become successful, they must help others dream BIG dreams, to do BIG work. BIG is not a selfie word. It’ a we word. A word that inspires and motivates. A word that makes you want to scream and shout and accomplish BIG things.

If it wasn’t for the word BIG most of civilization would still be coming down from the trees.

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