Down the Spiritual Rabbit HOle

down the rabbit hole
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Down the Spiritual Rabbit Hole

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Have you ever found yourself falling down the Spiritual rabbit hole, but don’t know why?

Either did Alice when she found herself at the bottom of the world and entering Wonderland.

Lewis Carroll wrote Alice in Wonderland as a political satire to wake up his country from their doldrums.

In a Spiritual Wonderland, it’s not about politics, but the soul or spiritualism of a person or group of people.

When I drove to a therapy appointment, I looked up into the sky and noticed two large birds circling in the sky. Minutes later, more birds joined them. My husband said: “Two birds might be hawks, but a group of birds are vultures.”

When you fall down that rabbit hole, are you met by two soul-minded people or vultures on the prowl for meat?

Going down that rabbit hole isn’t a bad thing unless you don’t understand why you fell down that hole in the first place. Many people don’t recognize within themselves the power they exert over other people while others seize the day and can use that power for positive or negative reasons.

Which kind of person are you? The kind that seizes power for power sake or the good of the people.

When you fall down that hole do you keep close this negative or positive power with you? Do you use it for the common good or for the common bad?

Everyone has a bad hair day.

Everyone falls down a spiritual rabbit hole from time to time. Perhaps, it’s a warning that we’re on the wrong path and we should start changing our ways. Perhaps, it’s bad footing on our part. Instead of twisting our ankles or breaking a leg, we allow ourselves to fall flat on our faces to remind ourselves that we are just like everyone else with all of our foibles and complications.

Life is what we as humans make of it.

And, yet, we’re still animals descended from the great apes. Perhaps, best of all, when we do fall down that spiritual rabbit hole, it’s our ancestors way of reminding us that we are but a speck in the sky and that although we have reached for the stars, we’re still earth-bound.

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