Ryan Beadle - There Is Hope

Ryan Beadle 'There Is Hope' - Album Review

Music Review

By Taylor Valery

Freelance Music Reviewer

What You Need To Know: 

If there had to be one comment about this Christian Rock Collection I’d say it sticks true to the principle of letting go, and letting God! That’s what came to my mind when I absorbed the tunes in Ryan Beadle‘s new album, “There is Hope.”

What It Sounds Like:

Released on February 17, 2020, “There is Hope” is a catchy & uplifting Christian rock album, with 11 songs that’ll move your spirit, and your body, into pleasant formation with the Lord Jesus Christ.

A Few Songs To Stream On SoundCloud

Spiritual/Lyrical Highlights:

With this new album, Beadle, a preacher’s kid who’s been a practicing musician since grade school, promotes the peace and purpose found in God.

Best Songs On The Record:

There are four songs on this project that moved me in a profound way. The following are my top picks:

Track 4 Good to Me

This song’s hook cheerily affirms the grace and greatness of God:

You are good to me

Good to me

Good to me, Jesus 

You are good to me

Good to me, Jesus

Anyone with faith, anyone attempting to live for God, understands how affirmative prayers help the manifestation of greater. This song, for me, encourages a positive mindset—a major key to freedom.

Track 7 Praise You Forever

Like some believers, Beadle is not ashamed of his faith and trust in Jesus. He has already seen and experienced His glory. He knows Jesus is alive in us all, and wants to manifest in our lives, our creations.

Well, it is no doubt Ryan makes Jesus proud with ‘Praise You Forever.’ Like those traditional gospel songs in its messaging, ‘Praise You Forever’ proudly proclaims Jesus as lord and savior. This song is delightfully reminiscent of James Fortune & FIYA’s ‘Forever,’ and Bethel Music & Brandon Lake’s ‘We Praise You.’

Songs like that profess the good in living for God, they are always one for the contemporary gospel playlists. Ryan has another song on “There is Hope” with a similar message, ‘God’s Not A Secret.’ It is the track just before ‘Praise You a Forever,’ serving as a nice lead-in.

Track 1 All for You

When I turned my life over to God in March 2012, I declared Christ as my personal Lord and savior. This was a major step towards greatness and abundant living. ‘All for You’ is a song that shines love light on the father, professing commitment, it tells me why and how Ryan Beadle created this amazing album—with faith, gratitude, and talent. He is living for God, and the fruits of that journey are sweet.

This rock and roll project are a thankful wind, propelling some introspective and inspirational lyrics.

Track 3 There is Hope

When Ryan Beadle opens ‘There is Hope,’ he sings a familiar truth: “All these problems / They never go away / You’ve tried it all / You have no control / It blows up in your face….” Very relatable, the lyrics remind me of when I had faith in fear instead of faith in the Lord. When I saw and believed in all things negative, versus positive.

‘There is Hope’ reminds me to keep the faith, despite how ugly and tricky life may get. Remaining strong in faith keeps us on that positive path to abundance, to living our greatest expression of God.

Touched by this new music’s message, I’ve added it to my Library in Apple Music, and reposted it to my SoudCloud.

For Fans Of:

Spoken, P.O.D., 12 Stones, and Decyfer Down

Final Word:

See? This album is all about faith! Faith in things being all right. Faith in being yourself, and faith in the flow of love. I’m happy you now know why Ryan Beadle’s new album is one of the best I’ve listened to all year. Stream “There is Hope” now, and check Ryan Beadle out on social media platforms.

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