Rick Fusion - Moving On

Rick Fusion Released New Assignment 'Moving On'

Rick Fusion New Single 'Moving On' Reviewed By Taylor Valery


By Taylor Valery

Freelance Music Reviewer


If there’s one thing to take away from listening to Jamaican-born Rick Fusion’s new single ‘Moving On,’ I’d say it’s the decision to have faith in God and his plan for your life. That’s definitely what I believe after preoccupying myself with Fusion’s new extended play, “Control.”


Released on November 4, 2019 as part of Fusion’s contemporary reggae gospel extended play “Control,” ‘Moving On’ is a spiritual, soulful song with mellow music and timeless lyrics.

‘Moving On’ is track four, parked near the end, imperceptibly reminding us to keep our faith firm in Jesus Christ at all times.




Here is one tried and true lyric Fusion uses in ‘Moving On’:

It doesn’t matter what the enemy might try, we are serving the most high.

That lyric is definitely an affirmation that works. It’s an affirmative prayer in and of itself. The placement of that affirmation in this good gospel song makes it easy to remember—no matter what the enemy might try, I’m serving the most high!

As emphasized in my compilation music review with DaShawn Forrest, moving on from unfruitful things & thoughts, and onto blessed things can definitely serve one well. It is key to faith.


The best part about ‘Moving On’ I would say is the story behind its creation...

Rick Fusion developed the idea for ‘Moving On’ after moving from Alaska to Killeen, Texas as a U.S. Soldier. Feeling stagnant, lost, and empty, Fusion visited churches for relief but still felt nothing inside. After nearly giving in to sin one evening, the spirit of the Lord took control, redirecting him to a church called Destiny World Outreach Center.

The presence of the Lord was undeniable there, like a replenishment to his soul. He instantly felt like he was moving on in the name of Jesus.

The creation of ‘Moving On’ put Fusion at a good place with his faith—he knows that God will not fail him. And, he knows that he can fearlessly let go, and let God.


Sherwin Gardner, Jaron Nurse, Prodigal Son, and Joshua Kesler


Although the heartfelt single ‘Moving On’ was the focus of this review, I am highly recommending you set aside 20 minutes and immerse yourself in Rick Fusion’s entire extended play “Control.”

That’s right! Add it to your playlists, mention it to your friends & family, and even talk about its uplifting message and spirit-calming music. Everyone needs to hear about how God can and does change lives. Stream ‘Moving On’ now, and check out Rick Fusion on social media.





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