Paulette Triplett - I Don't Want To Be A Sinner

Paulette Triplett Releases Her Story And Song "I Don't Want To Be A Sinner"


Before Paulette Triplett got saved at the age of 15, she showed signs of a manic depressant. Her parents sent her to a psychiatrist because she was always thinking of ways to end her life. She attempted suicide on a couple of occasions without success. Since she was not saved, it allowed the enemy to come in her life and do as he pleased whenever he pleased. Looking back, Paulette now knows that her parents prayed for her healing. Paulette lived with a chain around her neck and needed to be set free. Sadly, Paulette couldn’t see the purpose why God put her on earth. She could not see good in anything until she got saved. And when she did get saved, it was like the difference between day and night. Paulette was anointed to play the organ along the side of her mother. It made her feel free to fellowship with Christ and with her mother. “I don’t want to be a sinner” is a song by Paulette that reflects those experiences Paulette dealt with. She is reminded that she hated feeling the heaviness, isolation, and inability to understand that God loves her. Listen to Paulette song that's Devine Jamz Featured Product and be blessed.




One could say that Paulette Triplett has been chosen by God. She wasn’t always aware that she was blessed to be a musician and a songwriter. It just kind of happened, she stated. However, Paulette has been writing songs since age 10 and playing fluently since age 15. Music is her family's heritage. Her mother is a singer, songwriter, and choir trainer. To date, Paulette has cataloged over 2000 songs. She couldn’t stop writing songs if she tried, she informed. "Words just come to me", she says. Paulette really wants people to be healed, inspired and motivated by her music. In each song, you can hear a divine message. As God helps with co-writing, God also gave Paulette the gift to play and sing what she hears 90% of the time. It's apparent God has given her much to share! For that very reason, Paulette wants to make sure that all she does is about God and spreading His love.







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