Instruments of Musick Soulful EP, "Determination"

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Instruments of Musick EP "Determination"




Instruments of Musick released their first extended play, “Determination,” on June 12, 2020. Released only two weeks ago, it is cause for celebration as Apple Music has starred the final track as a fan favorite.

This success shouldn’t be such a surprise though, no, not for a family band whose been learning to make music since childhood. Fatman and Garvin both began learning to play instruments such as the pedal-steel guitar, at the ages of 11 and 15.

Instruments of Musick recently joined the Houston, TX record label Uplifting Music In The Spotlight, with divine determination to share their music with the world.




Avery necessary breath of fresh air, that’s what it sounds like. This new set of songs help me remember who I am, and what my soul purpose is. The melodies are countrified, funky, fun, easily setting me up for joy and dance. I praise God daily for my own salvation, of course, and ”Determination” is the celebration soundtrack.

The overall production is polished with the love and permission of God, waking up any sleeping sun. Right away, track 1, ‘Country Gospel,’ is an ideal track to set your wake-up alarm to. It’s that “get-up, and go get it” type of tune — truly motivational during such socially distant, economically quiet times.

The album opens warmly, welcoming us to let loose and dance, and closes smoothly, with a track titled after bible verse Psalm 33:2. I can remember feeling this light & loved when listening to Committed’s 2011 eponymous album. All efforts of the production are a sonic “thank-you” to God’s glory. The rich, upbeat tempo of ‘Psalm 33:2’ is contagious, and it makes me shout and jump in joy.




As I continue to grow through life, I find music like “Determination” to be instrumental in bringing me peace of mind. The final track, ‘Psalm 33:2,’ is a beautiful interpretation of the actual Bible verse:

“Praise the Lord with melodies on the lyre; make music for him on the ten-stringed harp.”

‘Psalm 33:2’ is a shout song, that’s what we do in church after the final blessings and recessional. Ooo-wee, and it does go down for God! Kierra Sheard has a shout song on her 2011 “Free (Deluxe Edition)” Live album.

Another standout song on “Determination” is ‘Moving Forward.’ This song, released as a single in April 2020, with all the lush melodies and runs, inspires me to continue trusting in God’s plan. And, though it isn’t always easy “not looking back,” as the lyrics proclaim, We can’t throw in the towel during every test of faith.




The best song on “Determination” is track 5 of 6, ‘Give It to You.’ Why? It’s a groovy jam, telling God that he deserves all our love. The electric guitar helps close the song while underscoring the lyrics “you deserve it all.” With the backing of Devine Jamz Gospel Network, ‘Give It to You’ is set for promotion on Commercial FM Urban and Gospel Radio stations.


Also a fan of track three, ‘Sins Got Me in Chains,’ because it’s an inoffensive reminder that I do still sin — yes, I do still miss the mark. No, I don’t sit and stew on the seeming failure, but I recharge in my honest praise to God for my ability to do what it is I set my mind on doing.




Committed, Kierra Sheard, Forever JONES




I recently turned 28, and I feel like I’m finally, comfortably settling in self. I know what I want, what I like, and what motivates me. “Determination” motivates me to be strong in faith, and to commit daily to God. With that being said, I’m highly recommending you all to go stream the EP now. Add it to your library, your playlists, your memory banks — it’s totally valuable.

As you stream “Determination,” I pray it brings you joy and reassurance, in the mighty & reliable name of God.







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