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When You Have to Head South to Get North

north and south
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Sounds a bit like an oxymoron doesn’t it? Why would anyone head in the opposite direction of where they want to go? As ridiculous as it may sound, don’t so many people do exactly that each day? For example, people declare they want wealth but spend money daily on nonessential items. Other folks pontificate the joys of marriage but spend every weekend in bars with their buddies.

Interestingly enough, there are actually times when we may need to do the opposite of what we want to do in order to achieve the results we are seeking. Leadership, in particular, is one area where the most successful leaders are the best servants. Whether an individual leads one or one-thousand, service is at the heart of leadership. Along with service comes the responsibility of being accountable for the wellbeing of others.

Perhaps even tougher than our leadership relations are the actions we are often called to take within our personal relationships. Late night calls for help, requests for resources, even the occasional text message conveying needs other than our own; all realities of being in relation with others. These are the times when we have to give to get, head south to get north. To further confound things we often sow where we do not reap and reap where we have not sown.  

I suppose when it’s all said and done, there are numerous opportunities for taking all we can from others. Fortunately, there are far more opportunities for us to give. As you go about your week, perhaps you’ll have the chance to contemplate how you’ll choose to labor over the next few months. Will you be strong enough to rise to the challenge of serving when doing so takes you off track from your schedule? Can you put another’s needs before yours when you are tired? Should you take the time to pull over and help a stranger in need?