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Redefining the Workplace - Household as Workplace

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A husband verbalizing his love for his wife and God passionately (exhortation); wife and husband praying with and for their children (intercession); mother and father teaching their children God’s love (teaching) - these are but a few of the many ways individuals can use the charismata they believe they possess to serve one another within their households. Watching one’s son and daughter-in-law disciple young people, sharing Christ in their workplaces, extending compassion to their neighbors - these too are the results of freely imparting what they believe God has given them to those closest to them (Fuller, 2001). Children continuously learn from their parents, not always by what parents say, but certainly by what their children see them do (Nolte & Harris, 1998). Because of this, some Christians would say that it becomes imperative that children be provided examples of gifts such as exhortation, intercession, and teaching as mentioned above as opposed to less positive life lessons such as anger, strife, selfishness, or hate.

According to Schaff (1968), “Christianity transforms and sanctifies the entire family life” (p. 443). Whether a single parent, member of a parenting team, or extended family member, the home can present numerous opportunities to use such gifts as faith, wisdom, and helps to bless those who reside within it. God’s transforming gifts need not be comprised of complicated formulas or rigid systematic actions and are often most clearly observed in the simplest of daily activities.