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Redefining the Workplace - Community as Workplace

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When it comes to the idea of communities as a workplace, Colson (as cited in Fuller, 2001, p. 173) explained that,

Jesus’ command to love our neighbors and enlarge God’s kingdom means dispensing mercy and compassion to the destitute in mission shelters and soup kitchens, ministering to those in prison and nursing homes, doing good and helping to create a new world of peace, love and forgiveness in our own sphere of influence.

Mercy and the gifts of giving and helps, as mentioned above, are but a few examples of how an individual might serve the community. Fox (1994) offered additional workplace examples that included cleaning beaches and parks along with recycling as ways in which individuals can positively affect their communities. He also noted the need for individual community service groups to work in an organized manner so that effective connection to the ‘greater good’ can occur.

In contrast to group projects are those works performed by single individuals. People who simply see a need within their community and move to address it void of any public or private assistance; using only their individual charismata. Men and women who go out of their way to help people who are homeless, hungry, or otherwise lacking basic essentials - many of which will never be publicly celebrated for their efforts. These are the individuals that believe when they care for others they not only improve their immediate circumstances but, more importantly, open the door to God’s Holy Spirit changing them as people (Brehony, 1999).