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Look Beyond Your Job Description

Job Description
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People don't get promotions just because they do their jobs well; they get promotions because they take initiative. I know of a CEO who was looking to hire a CFO about a year ago. When someone on her executive team brought up the VP of Finance, who was the obvious candidate for the job, the CEO rejected him outright. She said “No because the VP only does what's expected." The CEO didn't see him as someone who would take the risks and the time to do the job better.

As if there is ever a good time to be complacent regarding one’s job security, now is particularly not the time as the American economy struggles to move forward into rebound mode. Most career coaches suggest that employees come in early, stay late, and take on extra projects. Little day-to-day habits can make a significant difference when promotion or lay-off decisions are being made.

For those not engaged in full or part-time employment looking beyond what is expected should still apply. After all, who wants to have a partner who consistently only contributes what is expected? Worse yet, who would hope to have a friend who only reaches out when expected?

This week I am challenging myself to give those in my life more than the daily minimum required amount of attention. I’ll be working to provide more one-on-one time with my direct reports and will look for opportunities to surprise others by seeking to provide beyond their base needs. How about you? Are you willing to look beyond your job description this week? If so, please drop me a line. I’d love to hear about how you expanded your job role this week!