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Loading Up on New Tools

cooper one
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Hello world Cooper here! I’m at home today recuperating from knee surgery. Yesterday my humans took me to the doctor to fix an injury I’ve had for a while. Can you believe they gave me no warning? I’m not bitter but I would have liked a heads-up. Now I know how it feels to suddenly get – what humans call – laid-off.

Normally I spend the day at home working with my human mommy (she needs my help with so many things, I honestly don’t know how she would get along without me), playing with my pal Mini, and of course sleeping. However, yesterday I spent the day with Dr. Stone and his team. They were very nice to me but now for some reason I don’t feel much like working and I think I heard my humans mention I’ll be off for a few weeks.

So I got to thinking, since I’ve kind of been laid-off for a few weeks, this might be the perfect time to acquire new expertise. As soon as I feel a little less woozy (and my humans take this dumb cone thing off my neck) I’m going to brush up on my computer skills, audit a doggie class, and might even start working on that Comfort Animal Certificate I’ve been thinking about. I’ve talked with my humans and they agree that when I’m back up and running again I’ll be ready to take on new roles if I use this downtime to load up on a few new tools. My human mommy also said I might consider volunteering to learn new skills I can use to help my human friends because this can provide me with opportunities to learn additional components of my very important alpha dog job, make mistakes without jeopardizing my writing career, and beef up my canine resume.  

Heck, I’ve already “guilted” my mom into letting me write my own blog today. Hmmm, maybe this lay-off thing isn’t so bad after all. Until next time, keep your paws on the floor and your nose in the air!