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If Today Was Your Last Day (Rebroadcast)

Last November I wrote a BLOG on the importance of living life to its fullest. This week the term, “Live like you were dying” came to my mind as I helped a friend move into his new place after being semi-homeless for 6 months. I recall helping him pack up his home back in January of this year. At that time, I was struck by the ease at which all our worldly possessions can be contained in one moving truck. Total, complete, all life’s certificates, furniture, and junk – in one truck – period.

This week as we transferred his belongings from storage to truck to new home, I was struck by his opportunity for another chance. In my friend’s case, there is more time to enjoy his “stuff”. However, one day, his (and our) final moving truck will come for our belongings as we make our final move. So with that, I decided to repost last November’s BLOG as a way of reminding us all to enjoy life’s highways as we make our daily commutes…

Imagine if while you were on your way to work the unthinkable occurs. You’re on the freeway driving the same commute you’ve driven for the last seven years when suddenly, everything stops. Literally, the car in front of you comes to a complete stop. You swerve to avoid rear-ending that car and subsequently land yourself in a ditch which ultimately makes you eligible for a very expensive ride to the hospital of your choice. The only problem is that when you arrive the team of medical professionals discovers you are “dead on arrival”. That’s right, today was your last day. Now that you are deceased, now what?

Well as you can imagine, not many of us wake up on any given morning and correctly anticipate the event that will ultimately cause our passing. However, what we do (often falsely) anticipate are the myriad of issues, topics, and events that will never actually come to pass. That’s right; we often spend our days worrying about what will never come to pass while totally missing the boat on the one storm that will sink it. So what’s a human such as our selves to do about this dilemma? Well, for starters, what would happen if we lived like we had limited time left on earth? Would we be kinder? Nicer to strangers; nicer to ourselves? Would we give ourselves permission to breathe in between the day’s action items? Would we be more intentional about accomplishing tasks with long-term benefits?

Oh, the options. Oh, the choices to be faced each day. Well actually, maybe there really aren’t that many choices after all. Maybe all we really need to do is to live like we have the power to positively impact those we come across each day. When we live an intentional on purpose life then no matter what day our parking pass on earth expires, we make our exit with the calm assuredness that we lived like we were dying. Wow, can you imagine folks getting together at your life celebration service with nothing but stories to compare about how knowing you helped them become better and more loving humans? Take some time today to think about what truly matters, how you can stop worrying about what probably won’t happen, and start focusing on seizing the day because one day, it will be your last…

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