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Going Home Again

In 19 years of organizational development and leadership consulting work, I’ve learned that only when we have our personal lives in order can we then begin to perform with excellence as leaders. Time and again, I’ve seen even the most seasoned leader’s effectiveness get hindered when he/she was distracted by personal concerns; not just on the job but in all aspects of life.

If this sounds a little too familiar, take heart. Perhaps you simply need a last minute vacation to the home of your youth. If you decide to pursue such a journey (virtually or in person) know that your journey will not look like anyone else’s and that is as it should be. My hope is that your journey will evoke a passionate desire to re-implement your individual excellence upon your return to grown-up land. Not simply because of the rewards you’ll obtain personally by doing so, but because those you lead (or influence) need you to share all the excellence of which you are capable.

As with every speaking engagement I have presented, today’s BLOG was written because of my unfailing belief in the magic that occurs when we simply do what we were created to do using the gifts and talents we were innately provided. Whether within a corporate environment, our households, communities, or places or worship, it is time that we reach beyond our own self-doubts, to more fully realize and execute our greatest strengths. The strengths we have always possessed and cannot lose because they are who we are.

As you continue your journey to excellence via taking the time to recall your greatness, allow your self-confidence to be buoyed when you feel it rising. When you find yourself smiling as you reflect on your past accomplishments, go with it. Your decision to play big will make it possible for those around you to achieve more than they themselves initially believed was possible. As you’ll see, your becoming excellent was (and is) never about you. On that note, remember, excellence is not perfection and don’t stop thinking about how your natural abilities are used when you’re in your excellence zone (i.e., fully manifesting who you have been created to be by executing your innate talents and/or gifts).

Here are a few journey points to remember going forward:

• Set goals, don’t over think the manner in which you’ll achieve them but rather focus on your need to execute them.

• Peoples’ opinions of you don’t define you; never did, never will, no way, no how.

• Think about what ignites passion within you and risk discovering that you are capable of achieving a life that allows you to live that passion.

• Modify or remove relationships that are no longer working or contributing to your ability to become excellence at work.

• Participate in your own liberation, and don’t look to others when you already possess your own life preserver.

• Be willing to do things others won’t do today so that you can have tomorrow what others won’t.

• The best revenge for any past wrong done to you is to become more successful than you were when it occurred.

• No matter what your talent or giftings, always provide more service than expected or what you get paid for.

• Build relationships; position yourself for openings to come.

• If anyone tells you you’re “less than”, stop speaking to them.

With that, don’t stop thinking about tomorrow. The dreams you dream today will be the vision you walk in tomorrow. For everything that is on your heart will come to pass if you only believe that excellence is already within you. So how about it – are you off to embark upon that journey home?

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