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Does Someone Need Your Attention Today?

The short answer is “yes”. How could I possibly know that you ask? Well, let me tell you about a canine named Cooper. Cooper is not your average Jack Russell Terrier mix. He is an attention addict who knows how to get what he wants when he wants it. No matter what time of day or night, when Cooper wants someone’s attention he is never shy about doing what is needed to get it. When his owner leaves the kitchen in the middle of cooking a meal, Cooper sits dead center on the kitchen floor and barks, “excuse me, little dog waiting here to be fed – hello?”

As we all know, what goes in must come out. Hence, when Cooper decides it is time to do his doggie business, he goes to his owner’s sliding glass door and barks, “excuse me, could one of you get over here and open the door?” Yes, Cooper has a doggie door but he prefers to be served by his humans. Finally, not to be one to freeload, Cooper enjoys writing articles with his human on the computer and is often seen happily typing alongside his human - on his human’s lap of course. 

So who is the Cooper in your life; a child, spouse, boss, or employee? Whose voice do you often hear saying “excuse me, I need your attention here?” More importantly, how do you reply? “Not now, I’m too busy” or “sorry, what you want is less important than what I’m doing” or perhaps, “yes, I hear you, yes, I see you, and yes, what you say or ask for matters to me.”

Here’s my Cooper challenge. For the next seven days try giving your undivided attention to anyone who thinks it’s important enough to ask for. Whether their request makes sense, is convenient, or has been asked for repeatedly – validate their need for your attention by sharing any or all of the following:

- Yes, I hear you

- Yes, I see you

- Yes, what you say matters to me

In short, let them know you feel they are important and worthy of your time. I suspect your efforts to validate others will in turn ensure you receive all the attention you need today…

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