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Did You Say Thank You This Week?

Who did you forget to say “thank you” to this week? An odd question? Perhaps, but then again, how many of us really take the time each day to say those words? Did you receive good service from any type of service provider this week; and if so, did you say thank you? Did someone send an unexpected encouraging email just when you needed it but you were so busy dealing with some issue that you forgot to respond with a thank you? How about this, did a fellow driver allow you to merge without drama on your commute yesterday; hey, big thank you there!

Yes, it’s true, most days we have something or someone to be thankful for. We know it but do we always take a moment to acknowledge it? Much has been written about the positive aspects of giving thanks each day. Not only for various blessings (if you had a roof over your head and a full stomach when you laid your head on a soft pillow last night you’re already ahead of much of the world’s population) but also for all the things we did not want and did not get!

If you find yourself in today’s workplace asking, “How can I show my appreciation this week?” here are a few suggestions. For example, recognize contributions by showing appreciation for individual excellence by:

  • Being creative about rewards
  • Making recognition public
  • Providing feedback en route
  • Fostering positive expectations
  • Making the recognition presentation meaningful
  • Finding people who are doing things right
  • Being generous and frequent about saying thank you
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