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Choosing to Stop or Keep Going

Race track picture
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A few years back I attended my first Nascar race in Kansas City at the Kansas Speedway. I’m not sure I understand the complexities of the whys, when’s and how’s of the pit stops but I do understand that the racers who most flawlessly executed them, balanced with their work on the track, ultimately finished stronger than those who did not. Ah yes, the choices we each have as to how to spend our (lap) time and (fuel and oil) resources…

Similarly, we each have various destinations along our journey towards excellence. All of which provide opportunities for good uses of our time and resources or not so good expenditures. Some are those we are meant to stop at (learn and perhaps grow by) and others are those we must avoid. In some cases a destination may simply be a place we are not yet ready for, in other cases it may be a place we are never meant to visit.

Stop right now, if you dare, and take the time to ascertain what will assist you on your journey towards excellence and what will only derail you. Make the commitment to yourself to do what it takes to avoid detours in favor of driving open highways. Before you continue to the rest of your day, take a few minutes to contemplate unnecessary pit stops you know you need to avoid. These pit stops may be people, places, or activities you know you need to stay away from. If you have any question as to whether something or someone is an unnecessary pit stop, ask yourself, “If I allow this into my journey, will it support my goal of excellence or hinder it?”

Using the racing analogy, never forget that an appropriate pit stop is a “slow down to go quicker” moment, whereas an inappropriate pit stop simply adds delay or completely derails. With that, let us continue the journey towards excellence…beep…beep…