Are You Tired?

Let’s be honest, some weeks are tougher than others. As hard as you try, you just can’t seem to get a break much less a breakthrough. Multiple tasks weigh heavy on your calendar and there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to complete those competing priorities.

Last week I watched as an employee did his best to keep up with multiple organizational changes and personnel updates all while discovering his project’s funding had just come into question. From the outside he was handling every task and disheartening memo that came his way with the utmost managerial skill and tact. However, by the end of the week when I spoke with him, it was clear he was more than ready to call it a week.

What troubled me the most was not the organizational changes he was grappling with, but his confession that in the midst of all that stress, he was not eating right or maintaining his daily exercise plan. Not only was he being assaulted by external events, he was also failing to care for himself from within when healthy eating and physical exercise was most vital. Now as an outsider looking in it seems all too apparent that he needed to step it up in terms of self-care during this hectic work season. However, how many of us are just as guilty of less than optimal habits even during calm and peaceful times?

I have another friend who is a CEO of a small business who, no matter how business is going, smokes, drinks, and eats unhealthy meals on a daily basis. Some would say he too is allowing his external environment to control his internal care habits. Whatever one’s opinion may be, most of us can agree that we only have one body and despite modern medicine’s ability to perform amazing healing acts, we each have the main role of steward over our bodies.

As we spend each day trying to attend to the cares and responsibilities of the moment, may we never forget that if our health goes, nothing much else is going to be significant. No matter how efficiently we manage tasks, all the completed action lists are not going to make up for a body whose action items were not addressed. This weekend why not do something – at least one thing – that has nothing to do with fulfilling a task list? As for me, I’m sleeping…

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