Thank the Lord for Apostle Andrew Bills and Pastor Ann Marie Bills for being led by the Holy Spirit and allowing me the opportunity to publish my inspirational article in their magazine "Global Fire" (September/October) Issue (The Holy Spirit Broadcast Network) titled "I'm Not Alright."

Extracted from article:

"Have you ever been in a “place” in your life whereas, it appeared that no matter what you did, how you prayed and believed, your situation seemed interminable. And doesn’t it appear that at the most difficult times of your life when it is “now or never,” never seems to come? Well, it is in times like these that we have to be authentic with ourselves and with God about how we are feeling. I know that many of you have been taught to “count it all joy in diver’s temptations (James 1:2).” And, although that is true and the ways in which we should deal with life, God never intended for us to be “fake and phony” about our emotions and the challenges that we face in life..."



Jennifer is a highly anointed evangelist, singer, songwriter, accomplished author, educator, entrepreneur, playwright and media personality with more than fifteen years in the radio, television and publications arena, and founder of Simply Victorious Ministries, a ministry that is founded on biblical principles and one that aims to be a globally recognizable "voice" that ministers to people from different walks of life with the overall focus to empower, to inspire and to motivate people towards living a fuller life that is found in relationship with God.  Jennifer is also the Inspirational Host and Producer of "Simply Victorious for Life" an inspirational program broadcast via Truli Family Entertainment Network and via various social media outlets. Each month Jennifer brings inspirational messages to listeners that are biblically sound, informative and spiritually empowering. During each segment, listeners will be given the solid food of the word of God and will discover what it takes to live victorious lives in Jesus.  As a prolific writer and one that writes with the “Finger of God,” Jennifer’s articles have been published in numerous magazines, blog pages and digital publications i.e. Empower Magazine, Global Fire Magazine (Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network), Faith Filled Family Magazine, Faith Family Youth Magazine, Ruby for Women Magazine, Inspired Women Magazine, DOZ Magazine, Rejoice Essential Magazine, Sarah Magazine, Back 2 Basics Magazine and The Christian Post, God TV, BeliefNet, The Praying Woman and In Season Mom Blog Pages. Jennifer is also the author of several highly acclaimed books i.e. "Simply Victorious for Life...," "Never say Never...,"  "The Hannah Experience...,"  "Power Over Darkness," and newly released books "Open My Eyes...," "My Mommy is a Fighter...," "Jesus Loves Me," "The Finger of God..," The Prayers of an Overcomer...," "From Rejection to Selection..."  and also the Editor of Author, Robert B. Sullivan's book "My Thoughts on God and the Men Who went Astray, Why?, Where Are They?"