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Thank the Lord for Apostle Andrew Bills and Pastor Ann Marie Bills for being led by the Holy Spirit and allowing me the opportunity to publish my inspirational article in their magazine "Global Fire" (September/October) Issue (The Holy Spirit Broadcast Network) titled "I'm Not Alright."

Extracted from article:

"Have you ever been in a “place” in your life whereas, it appeared that no matter what you did, how you prayed and believed, your situation seemed interminable. And doesn’t it appear that at the most difficult times of your life when it is “now or never,” never seems to come? Well, it is in times like these that we have to be authentic with ourselves and with God about how we are feeling. I know that many of you have been taught to “count it all joy in diver’s temptations (James 1:2).” And, although that is true and the ways in which we should deal with life, God never intended for us to be “fake and phony” about our emotions and the challenges that we face in life..."…