Retirement Transitions - Introduction by Bill Storie

Transitioning to Retirement - Introduction by Bill Storie


We have all experienced “Life-Changing Transitions” in our lives :-


Ø  Getting our first full-time job

Ø  Getting married

Ø  Having children

Ø  Moving to a new place

Ø  Etc……….


But the BIG one is Retirement.


This is it .... no other transition in life carries the weight of retirement. All the others can be adjusted if needs be - i.e. there’s time. Not so with Retirement. It is not easy to “rewind” and fix your mistakes. It’s a “cause to pause” … and deep-think. A time to get it right. The more we discuss, and explore, and seek opinions etc, the more we must be able to handle this Transition satisfactorily.


Unfortunately, whether on television, in print or online, the bulk of retirement planning advice revolves around financial planning. The theory is that if you will be financially comfortable in retirement you are all set. Everything else is treated as secondary. Even health issues.


·         Very little account is taken of the emotional issues that almost every retiree will face.


·         Very little account is taken of the family issues that almost every retiree will face.


·         Very little account is taken of the psychological issues that almost every retiree will face.


·         Very little account is taken of the health issues that almost every retiree will face.


·         You get the idea.


This Series of articles addresses a variety of issues and while we must obviously include Money Matters, we do so from the perspective of the impact on the retiree’s lifestyle and peace of mind. We fully accept that a lack of money causes financial problems, but a lack of money equally causes severe emotional concerns.


It is our intention to raise the awareness of various matters that every person aiming to retire should address.


The change from a full-time working lifestyle where every day issues prevail, such as paying a mortgage, raising children, contending with hectic schedules at work and at home, commuting back and forth etc., can be a colossal switch. One day you are completely involved in work, in family and in community, then the next day, all of that dissipates significantly.


Many people look forward to the “rest and relaxation” lifestyle of retirement. Yet that goal can be short-lived. The notion of playing golf three days a week, or travelling on vacation for long periods of time, are all noble targets, yet they can turn sour after a short period of time, and suddenly all the challenges of retirement can surface. Any information that the soon-to-be retiree can gather will be useful.


Olderhood strives to be part of that information search.

We hope you enjoy.




“The past cannot be changed.
The future is yet in your power”

Hugh White, Author

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