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Retirement Journeys Podcast Interview with Ted Carr

Bill Storie and Robin Trimingham are the co-founders of The Olderhood Group – an online retirement learning environment with over 70,000 global followers. In 2013 they launched a retirement planning blog which focuses on the issues related to the transition from the workplace to a... Read More

Retirement Journeys Podcast Interview with Ted Carr

We are delighted to share a podcast that we recently did with Ted Carr of Retirement Journeys. The subject of the interview is our new book The Third Journey. Click here to listen


"No one likes to think of themselves as old. But there’s no denying that we’re all getting older. My guests are Bill Storie and Robin Trimingham who hail from Bermuda. Bill and Robin are the founders of and authors of The Third Journey

Some of the topics we discuss include what life’s like in Bermuda, why they created (and just what they mean by Olderhood) and their popular retirement book The Third Journey.

Bill is originally from Scotland and Robin from Canada and both have lived in Bermuda for decades. Robin is very devoted to her Yorkshire Terrier Sunny, who though very smart, thinks that good behavior is optional. I can relate. Bill is an ardent and passionate support erof the Glasgow Rangers football team, as in soccer of course."

About Retirement Journeys:

Retirement Journeys was started by Ted Carr in 2010. He shares real-life experience to inform and inspire the choices you make on your own retirement journey including:

  • Financial experience especially retirement planning, personal budgeting and investment perspectives.
  • The non-financial side of preparing for retirement, adjusting to retirement and living in retirement.
  • Expertise on a variety of retirement topics from authors, journalists, bloggers, financial planners, insurance agents and more!