Olderhood in the Philippines

Olderhood in the Philippines

Next Monday, October 30th our Olderhood Family in the Philippines will be holding their 4th Anniversary Meeting. A day of fun and fellowship.

I am delighted to say that Congresswoman Mila Aquino-Magsaysay, House of Representatives for Quezon City will be in attendance. This is a major coup for the OIC Working Committee in the Philippines and our Country Manager, Rose Arguil.

The Philippines is one of our important countries in which we have a strong base for Olderhood – we have almost 30,000 Followers there. The Committee is a hard-working and dedicated group of people who support, and in many cases lead, the Olderhood Mission globally.

I salute those who, for many years now, continually promote Olderhood.

Well done and thank you.

Bill & Robin

Bill Storie and Robin Trimingham are the co-founders of The Olderhood Group Ltd., an online learning company with + 100,000 global followers in over 100 countries. The Leaders in Action video series, produced by Olderhood Productions International (part of The Olderhood Group) features short video interviews with recognized Leaders in multi-national companies, global organizations, and renowned experts in various locations around the world including London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Singapore, New Delhi, and many others. The Series is published on Olderhood’s social media pages, The Royal Gazette, LinkedIn and through its several Partnership Networks globally to millions of viewers around the world. The Olderhood Group provides life transition, financial literacy and retirement lifestyle planning, education, and training for corporations in the form of videos, podcasts and webinars. The consulting practice focuses on helping companies augment their employee benefits programs, and their customer outreach initiatives, by seamlessly integrating customized workshops, in-house training, and online learning opportunities into their existing platforms.