Keeping the Faith - Miracles Do Happen Sometimes By Maria Natividad D.  Macariola

Keeping the Faith - Miracles Do Happen Sometimes By Maria Natividad D.  Macariola

How has God tested my FAITH ?

Three years ago, I planned to celebrate my birthday with my children in the city of Manila. Manila City is 9 hours away from my home province, Quezon.  On September 6, 2014, I left  my hometown at about 11:00 midnight for my trip. Earlier that night, we had a special mass at 7:00 pm, that was held for our community and I was assigned to give admonition before the start of the mass proper. I spoke about a Biblical truth message that “With God, everything is possible where it is impossible to men” and gave inspiring words for those people who were depressed, lonely and feeling unloved that we have a loving and gracious Father God in heaven, who is always waiting for us to go to Him, pray and trust Him, and have faith in Him. And that our awesome Lord God answers prayers in His time, so we just have to persevere! Thereafter, the mass started and ended at 10:30 in the evening.

Hurriedly then, I reached my home to get my things and proceeded immediately to the bus station.  At about 3:30 in the morning of the following day while our bus was traversing the zigzag road of which is thousand feet above sea level, I suddenly woke up and saw that many of the passengers were sleeping.  Soon enough, the bus driver shouted “Oh my God, the bus is losing its control!” Commotion begun inside the bus, some passengers were shouting and others were praying. While I held on to my seat which was located  in the mid part of the bus, I had a glimpse of the front view and saw that our bus was going left to right without direction. For the second time the driver shouted, “My God, My God, the bus brake is not working, I can't do anything!”

While watching our bus running left and right I asked, “God, is my death coming this very hour? Please Lord I don't want to die now, please don't take me yet, I have lots of plans to do!” And that is the end of the trail, I saw our bus falling into a ravine and with a quick prayer I said, “Lord God please help us!” I then heard hissing sounds, branches of the trees slapping the bus, bumping from one tree to another and passengers rolling inside, then a strong blog sound  and suddenly the bus stopped, landing on the ground like an upside down turtle!

In that horrible and terrifying road mishap, all of us passengers were piled one on top of the other inside the bus. Luckily, I was on top and before I stood up, regaining consciousness I asked myself, “Am I alive? I touched my face, body, and moved my hands and feet and finally exclaimed with deep gratitude, “Oh God, thank you I'm alive!” Cries and shrieks of children, shouts and moans of other passengers were heard prevailing inside the wrecked bus. I searched for my hand bag and truly unbelievable happened, nothing was left inside my bag except my cellphone!  A helping hand assisted me in standing up and after few minutes, male rescuers were there smashing the glass windows, in order that we can get out of the bus.  One by one they pulled us out of the bus. I started to check myself and I did not feel anything painful then, “I'm not hurt, I'm okay!” I uttered, thanking God and praising Him for His love and mercy! With the help of the rescuers, we were able to reach the roadside and we were brought to the nearest hospital.

While onboard the ambulance, blood oozed from my head and right upper eyebrow. I was frightened as I felt no pain nor noticed the injury when I was checking myself earlier. At the hospital, all those with injuries were given treatment. I had six stiches on my eyebrow and three stiches on my head. I called home when I had the chance and told them that our bus plunged into a ravine.

While in the hospital, I realized how blessed I am that I was alive! I felt the terror of falling 120 meters down the bushy ravine a horrible experience. I said to myself that if I died on that day, I will no longer be able to kiss and hug my children. Everything seemed to have happened so fast, so very fast, between life and death. Tears rolled down my cheeks. Thereafter, whenever I pray, I always thank my Savior, Lord Jesus for the second gift of life!

Oh yes, the whole family came and stayed in my private room. I felt the warmth of their embrace & together we cried!  Comfort, compassion & feeling of great relief prevailed!

Out of the 45 passengers, there were only 3 casualties, all males.  Two children, ages 2 and 10 were safe, and the rest of the passengers have only bruises and wounds. I believe God spared me from  dying, to be a witness  of His kindness and amazing love! He wants us to talk to Him every time and anytime not only when we are in danger, frightened, depressed and happy. Our Lord God desires that we have a closer relationship with Him. He wants us to have a heart to heart talk with Him, being His children.

So many challenges and trials that I encountered in my lifetime! I fought and survived the storms that passed through my everyday life with God’s protection and grace but this second life is truly a wonderful blessing and I consider it a miracle! One day, I spoke to God again, “What do you want me to do Lord?” I heard a whisper “Stand Up and Speak for Me” so today I am a devoted servant of the Lord, a Catholic catechist, speaking to people during evangelization, relating to them my personal encounter with our Lord Jesus who  renewed and restored my faith, whose death on the Cross in Calvary has redeemed and pardoned me of my sins and whose resurrection on the third day provided abundant blessing and meaning in my life!

I invite you  friends to come to Him with all your heart, don't lose hope, hold onto Him because no one, no one but Jesus Christ  alone grant us  salvation that lead us to everlasting life!  At 64, I believe I am content and secure in the loving arms of our Lord God father in heaven. To God Be The Glory!

When was the last time you believed there is a miracle?

By Maria Natividad D.  Macariola   /OIC Philippines Writers’ Club

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