Keeping The Faith in a Modern World by Robin Trimingham

Keeping the Faith in a Modern World by Robin Trimingham

“And the river was deep I didn’t falter, when the mountain was high I still believed”

Aretha Franklin

Someone asked me the other day how I stay positive when things are blowing up all around me. At the time, I gave them my standard “sea turtle” speech which goes something like this:

“Whenever I am in a strange place and things are not working out the way I expected, I try to imagine that I am a sea turtle drifting with the current. They often spend a year or more in the open ocean drifting along, enjoying the sunshine enroute to an egg nesting site that they instinctively know how to find even though they have not seen it since the day they themselves were hatched. They never doubt that they will reach their destination – they just bob along until they get where they need to be.”

I love this metaphor because even though they have a tough start in life and the odds of survival are stacked against them, sea turtles are always placid and relaxed. They are content to spend large amounts of time on their own and are so adaptable that they have even developed special glands to help remove salt from the water they drink so that they can survive in the open ocean for months at a time.

Although they travel thousands and thousands of miles they never question their existence or whether they will fulfill their purpose in life. For the sea turtle, simply to live is, in itself, a divine purpose.

Another way to express this sentiment might be, “things work out for the best when you let them.”

Why is it so hard for man to grasp the power of this simple truth?

When you think about it, almost all global problems that exist today can be attributed to man having felt the urge to manipulate his environment, or force his will upon another, or genetically alter crops, or alter the weather, etc.

Somedays the temptation to lash out at the person who has offended you, or disappointed you, or threatened you in some small way is very great. That’s when having true faith can be a tremendous blessing. Because, when you have the guts to not react, or retaliate something amazing happens.

Things change all on their own.

Maybe not today, or in the way we “wanted”, or expected, but they DO change; and not only that, they usually change in a way that you could never have anticipated resulting in an outcome that is so much better than anything you could have imagined on your own.

I realize that will seem quite absurd to the micromanagers among us, but take my word for it – life is quite different when you find the courage to let go and let instinct be your guide. The question is, are you ready to trust yourself?

By Robin Trimingham

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