Keeping the Faith as We Grow Older by Maria Natividad D. Macariola

Keeping the Faith as We Grow Older by Maria Natividad D. Macariola

Different people have different ways of managing old age.  My friends are always amazed upon looking at my appearance as I look younger than my age of 64.  I have no special treatment to have this kind of looks. I only wear a smile on my face, practice clean living, eat nutritious food, make friends and have positive outlook in life!

Some people are trying their best to stay healthy and happy, some spend their fortunes in cosmetics and surgeries to make themselves appear youthful, and some indulge  in lots of fancy activities like travel and hobbies;  while others stay at home and consider themselves  old and helpless.

I will be 65 years old this September and  always bear in mind the desire to grow old gracefully.  True to my goal, I am  more physically fit  and look younger than my actual age. While managing my busy schedules, I believe that having a vibrant, cheerful and active disposition in life are key factors manifesting in my  youthful appearance.

As a solo parent (my marriage was annulled in 2005) with five children, I raised them the best I could with God’s divine provision!  Now, my grandchildren add color to my life.  Visiting them occasionally, going out of town, having fun with the kids, accompanying them to the pool or beach  makes me energized and joyful, and generates that  childlike feeling again!

Engaging myself in a part-time teaching job so I can impart worthy knowledge to the young ones, joining zumba fitness club, tree planting, feeding programs, adopting a school/orphanage program and other community/church activities, all  keeps me inspired and  motivated!  As for my health, I avoid prescribed medicines, sodas and eat less meat, though I am not a vegetarian. I always prefer  natural fresh fruits, vegetables and fish.

This is my belief :If you want to stay young, associate with young people, but if you want to age quickly, think always of the time!

Why not look at the positive side of  life?  Indeed, I  consider  this stage of my life a miracle ! Reaching this twilight years of my age still being physically healthy, having sound mind and positive outlook in life, when this opportunity is denied to some people, is a divine blessing!  Without learning carefully from  trials and errors  I have committed in the past, I might have weaved a history of failures rather than victories, and I am grateful to God for His grace, guidance  and protection.

When we make an account of our past, we count the good as well as the bad things we encountered in life, right?  Personally, my challenges in life made me stronger and  aide me with my decisions and dispositions.

Divine favor and unmerited grace prevails after overcoming a trial in my life! So, I look up to our Lord Jesus Christ for thanksgiving because I believe that this supernatural, awesome, King of kings, has bestowed me the gift of righteousness because of my faith in Him.

So, what kind of faith do we have as we grow older?  Faith is something we believe but  do not see. When things  go wrong and turn out badly, I usually consider it a blessing and look at it as positively as possible. In God’s perfect timing, He makes everything beautiful in His time, this I believe!  I also believe that Faith can move mountain! Our heavenly Father God can do the impossible, to make all things possible!  We just need to have that strong faith and trust in His will!

Lastly, let us encourage one another to have faith in our Lord God for giving us  challenges in our lives,  for life is meaningless  if we lose our faith in our almighty, gracious and loving Father God!

How about you, how do you keep your faith as you grow older?

by Maria Natividad D. Macariola / OIC Philippines Writers Circle

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