If Knowledge is Power by Bill Storie

If Knowledge is Power by Bill Storie

Then access to knowledge must give you the ability to move mountains in today’s Information Age.

We have never had so much knowledge at our fingertips than we have these days. The ability to flip between websites from Australia to Brazil to Germany to Canada in milli-seconds is astonishing. We know about events minutes after they occur. In fact, with time zones taken into account it wouldn’t surprise me if we knew of events before they occur.

How cool would that be if you like betting on horse racing.

Yet, with all this knowledge, news and fake news as we seem to call nonsense stuff, are we over-loaded?

I don’t think there’s much doubt about that. I know more about the Kardashian’s (unfortunately) then they know themselves. To be honest I don’t even know who they are, far less care about their showmanship egos.

I have intimate details about which politician in London said what about Brexit seconds after he thought about it. God help him if he was just muttering under his breath – his mumbles were heard in Sao Paulo and Hong Kong before he closed his mouth.

If Donald Trump’s hair blows in the wind I can see it long before he has climbed the steps of Air Force One. Did I need to see such photos? Do I really care. Apparently, some attention-seeker seems to think I equally want to know every little detail. I don’t, but then who am I?

Do I really need to get excited about Luge guy at the Winter Olympics who goes down the track one-one-thousandth of a second faster than the guy before him? I admire these kids, I really do, but the agony and ecstasy of miniscule timing differences is more than I need to know.

They tell me that there are now millions of children, in particular, who are addicted to their cell phones, tablets, etc. I understand that. They get uptight if they haven’t checked their email in over five minutes. What kind of lives are they leading. Do they go to bed and sleep at night or do they stay awake in case Justin Bieber issues some daft tweet or something, and God-forbid they miss it until the next morning.

Their fast-paced world of texts, images, tweets and emails must really cause their anxiety levels to rise 24 hours a day. The notion that they could sit through a lecture about healthy eating – for their own benefit – is a distant dream of educators. Unless lists of healthy food are less than 10 items and can be scrolled through with one thumb in 1.5 seconds, they will miss out. Their teeth will never forgive them.

Do we have ANY idea what our children, far less grandchildren, are watching every day?

I suppose when Mum and Dad have their own noses stuck to their own cell phones, there is zero chance they will check on the kids. People who walk the street without paying any attention to the rest of us should be denied access to our streets. Simples.

Do our kids know more than we do? Nope, but they think they do and that’s where this Information Age has a lot to answer for. We are raising little people to be self-centered, selfish and members of the “Me-Me” Club. Shame really.

By Bill Storie

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