How to Make Extra Money by Robin Trimingham

How to Make Extra Money by Robin Trimingham

This week Bill and I are busy preparing for a retirement planning workshop that we are organizing for one of the local companies in Bermuda. Two of the key sections that we will be covering are: how to create a realistic retirement budget, and what to do if your retirement income is insufficient to cover all of your expenses.

This is a very common problem that many people experience and we try to offer practical suggestions regarding both how to save money, and how to generate some extra income in retirement. The following guide from the UK publication Which? entitled 50 Ways to Make Money also offers some great money making ideas that just about anyone can use.

What do you do to earn extra income?

Share your ideas with our readers and we will provide a free copy of our own e-book "Money Tips for Your Third Journey" to the contributors of our favorite suggestions.

By Robin Trimingham

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