Going Through the Golden Arches by Bill Storie

Going through the Golden Arches by Bill Storie

A few nights ago, in a brief interlude from my Olderhood management work, I watched a movie call “The Founder” which tells the story of McDonalds (the Big Mac folks) and how Ray Kroc became involved with the Brothers McDonald, who revolutionized the fast food industry. It wasn’t the greatest of movies certainly, but the underlying point made by Kroc was that success comes with perseverance.

It was an interesting choice of words. Kroc was a salesman, and especially in the 1950s in America, a salesman who traditionally would say anything to get the sale. He was indeed a silver-tongued man, but while he recognized that cheap talk is one thing he understood the underlying characteristic of success. He believed in himself, he believed in his product, and he believed in how he went about making it happen.

It made me think about the retirement journey that many of us find ourselves in and how some of us seem to think that this time in our lives should be a time for rest and relaxation, while the rest of us are determined to up our game and get on with things that help society in general and our colleagues in retirement in particular.

This Olderhood Initiative has been a journey of wonderment and astonishing support from tens of thousands of people around the world. I’ve discovered an astonishing array of feelings, emotions and ideas from the widest variety of people in many countries around the world.

I firmly believe that the Olderhood Project has provided a tremendous platform to thousands of people to talk freely about their own situations in a trusted environment. Some of the stories we have encountered in both open forums and through private messages have been eye-opening. We always protect the identity of people who share their stories with us.

For example, a few days ago we posted a short video about a lady who has been left alone after a divorce, just about at the time when she was approaching retirement.

You can watch the video by clicking on the image below:

We posted this video over our Facebook platforms and the reach and viewership was staggering. We reached well over 33,000 people around the world and had about 10,000 video views. Clearly the message resonated with our audience and we will be bringing more testimonial videos over the next few weeks and months. The stories are real and honest.

So, when are you going through the Golden Arches?

More to the point, when you do go through, or if you are already through, are you satisfied that you are determined to fully exploit the time and freedom you now have in abundance? Do you appreciate the meaning of the word perseverance?

I would further draw your attention to our new book The Third Journey – There’s no point in pushing or persevering if you prefer, if you don’t know where to push. There’s no benefit to running around just for the sake of seeming to be active if there is no goal in mind. If that goal is to help yourself or to help others matters not. If you’re wondering what to do to be active AND usefully active, then read the book. We provide not just ideas in and of themselves, but we show how to integrate your new activities into your retirement lifestyle plan. There’s no point in running at 200 miles per hour if you have no idea where to run.

You may not be able to create a new fast food chain and you may not even like Big Macs, but you will significantly increase your own self-worth if you walk through the Golden Arches with a plan and more especially a worthwhile plan and one that is sustainable.

And if you need to pick up some French fries and a milk shake when you do that, so be it.

You deserve it.

By Bill Storie

Bill Storie and Robin Trimingham are the co-founders of The Olderhood Group Ltd., an online learning company with + 100,000 global followers in over 100 countries. The Leaders in Action video series, produced by Olderhood Productions International (part of The Olderhood Group) features short video interviews with recognized Leaders in multi-national companies, global organizations, and renowned experts in various locations around the world including London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Singapore, New Delhi, and many others. The Series is published on Olderhood’s social media pages, The Royal Gazette, LinkedIn and through its several Partnership Networks globally to millions of viewers around the world. The Olderhood Group provides life transition, financial literacy and retirement lifestyle planning, education, and training for corporations in the form of videos, podcasts and webinars. The consulting practice focuses on helping companies augment their employee benefits programs, and their customer outreach initiatives, by seamlessly integrating customized workshops, in-house training, and online learning opportunities into their existing platforms.