Being Nice to People by Bill Storie

Being Nice to People by Bill Storie

Are you?

Are you always nice to everyone you meet?

Are you especially nice to family and friends?

Or is it that some days you feel like being nice and other days you can’t be bothered?

I often wonder that as we grow older whether we are granted some sort of license to be grumpy whenever we choose. Some old folks just seem to be angry most of the time and seem to relish in it. They haven’t smiled since their last pay check. I don’t know if it is a feature of aging at all or whether some people have been annoyed with life in general all their life. Maybe they were dropped out of the pram when they were a baby and have never recovered.

Do you know any people like this?

I do. And even when I try to make them smile they have this concrete face on them that you could crack eggs on. There’s one guy at my local gas station/coffee shop who looks upset every time I see him. For a while I thought it was me but one day I paid closer attention to how he greeted other coffee drinkers. The exact same. Phew. I thought it was me. He just seems permanently disgruntled. I feel sorry for the dude. Maybe I should buy him a coffee one of these days.

I think some people do indeed go through life with a chip on their shoulder. Does that mean that every waking hour is a nuisance for them? What a way to live. I accept that some folks have illness and that will certainly bring them down. I get that. Some people have financial concerns and that will also get them down. So, maybe they do have something to be grumpy about.

But wouldn’t you think that something would put a smile on their face? Offer to send them on an all-expenses paid vacation. Buy them a new car or a new house. Give them a lot of money.

I’m not good at telling jokes so that wouldn’t work with me. I can’t sing to cheer them up, and don’t ask me to dance. So, maybe I need to find new people to drink coffee with – happy people.

There’s another lady (debatable !!) at this coffee shop who annoys me and everyone else. When she comes in she marches straight to the front of the line-up to be served. She even has the strength to knock people to the side to get ahead. How rude you say. Yes, she is rude. Obnoxious would be a better word to be honest. She is also the Queen of the Grumps.

She must reckon she is important, which would be fine if she didn’t come in wearing her slippers. I kid you not. She lives nearby so wanders along the street, gets her coffee and strolls back home. I’m waiting for the pajama run.

I appreciate we can’t always be happy and carefree. I understand. In fact, there are days when I’m not on my A game, but I like to think that I treat people respectfully. Maybe I don’t of course and if you are someone I was grumpy with then I do apologize. It must have been years ago however cos since I retired I’ve generally been happy most days. I’m at my happiest when I have no idea what day of the week it is – that makes me feel super-pleased that I have lost all track of schedules and meetings and people to see.

It’s called Retirement Happiness.

That’s the phrase we use a lot in Olderhood. People like to be happy and I think we help them along the way with our articles and quotes and videos and stuff. And if it doesn’t make you happy then contact me and I’ll introduce you to the guy at the coffee shop. Maybe you can commiserate together.

That’s enough grumpiness for one week.

Stay happy

By Bill Storie


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