Are You Still Fashion Conscious? by Bill Storie

Are You Still Fashion Conscious? by Bill Storie

So, you’ve either crossed the retirement line or you can see it ahead, in the not too distant future. You’re comfortable financially. You’ve raised the family and they are flying using their own wings. You don’t go out too much these days yet the odd hamburger evening still has its appeal. You still have lots of friends – more are far way than close by these days, but you still keep up. You are tech-savvy and sometimes you can’t get to bed at night thanks to people posting more stuff just when you were ready to close down and get the PJs on.

Overall, life is pretty good.

You are beginning to think about staying in bed longer each morning. You’ve always been a go-getter but now these golden days offer the opportunity to chill. Are you tempted to lie in and lounge around in sloppy gear for the rest of the day?

But what if you must go out?

You decide to take a low-key excursion to the mall. You decide to slip on flip-flops, an old tee shirt and a pair of shorts (oops, they are a bit tight, but so what?). You choose just after lunchtime when your friends have left the food court, you hope. You drive as close to the target shop as you can – no need to park the other side of the mall and walk past endless rows of boutiques and coffee shops. In, out, done.

Back I the car, back home, feeling that you’ve won. “I didn’t have to even brush my hair.”

You do that for a couple of days every week and you still think that it’s an achievement. “This retirement gig is brilliant. I don’t have to think about how I look. Nobody sees me, and even if they did I just tell them I’m retired and they buy it.”

Then boom.

One day you’re meeting an old flame for lunch (not dinner yet, he’s not that cute !!).

Finally, you get in the car and there’s an overpowering aroma. “What’s that?” you ask.

You look in the mirror and say, “You silly old fool.”

The truth is that you got up early, picked out a nice dress, had a long, lovely shower, washed the hair, dried it, brushed it for ages, sprayed some hair stuff on it, checked the nails, looked out nice shoes (heels or flats? - hmm, that took twenty minutes, then you took both with you to the car). You looked in the mirror ten times and still wondered if you were looking good. You were, but you couldn’t settle on it. “I’ll check just one more time.” Then the perfume. Oh yeah, the perfume. “He’ll love this one.”

Oh, and by the way, you keep saying this is just a casual lunch. Yeah right.

There’s a moral to this story.

On the one hand, you’re excited about going on a date. It’s been a while. In fact, the last time was in your teens. “Oh my gosh, am I that old?”

But on the other hand, the real reason you’re so excited is that you have now realized that you really do still have the fashion bug. You really do like to get dressed up and wear nice clothes. You really do like getting the hair done properly. And as for wanting to use that perfume, well of course, you do.

Many people will say that you need to get up every morning in retirement, get dressed and make yourself feel good. Nothing wrong with that of course, but the fact is that if you want a lazy day at home then fine. But when you do need to go out and meet other people then you will love the idea of looking good.

Your fashion sense will come flooding back. Woo-hoo.

You maybe don’t have to get dressed up every day these days. Ok, that fine. But when you do, you will, and should, feel great about strutting your stuff. You ain’t that old. The old bod is still in good shape. And as they say, “If you still got it, why not still flaunt it.”

You love looking good, go on admit it.

Am I right?

By Bill Storie

Bill Storie and Robin Trimingham are the co-founders of The Olderhood Group Ltd., an online learning company with + 100,000 global followers in over 100 countries. The Leaders in Action video series, produced by Olderhood Productions International (part of The Olderhood Group) features short video interviews with recognized Leaders in multi-national companies, global organizations, and renowned experts in various locations around the world including London, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Singapore, New Delhi, and many others. The Series is published on Olderhood’s social media pages, The Royal Gazette, LinkedIn and through its several Partnership Networks globally to millions of viewers around the world. The Olderhood Group provides life transition, financial literacy and retirement lifestyle planning, education, and training for corporations in the form of videos, podcasts and webinars. The consulting practice focuses on helping companies augment their employee benefits programs, and their customer outreach initiatives, by seamlessly integrating customized workshops, in-house training, and online learning opportunities into their existing platforms.