​​​​​​​Your Best Frugal Ideas by Bob Lowry

Your Best Frugal Ideas by Bob Lowry

Frankly, by now I shouldn't be surprised that the topic of frugality is always so popular. The recent blog post, Retirement and Frugality generated lots of views and some very interesting comments. I think we determined that frugality isn't being cheap, it is being a wise steward of our resources.

A few readers suggested I have a post with nothing but ideas, tips, and ways of being both retired and frugal. Sure, why not. I know there is a real interest in how retirees spend our free time, what part volunteerism plays in our lives, and the frugal lifestyle choices we make. So, this could be quite instructive.

I am turning the rest over to you. Think about anything and everything you do to stay within budget and make the most of whatever you choose to spend. Is your focus in the area of budgeting to control income and outgo?

How about food purchase and preparation? How to you make sure money you spend at the grocery store doesn't end up in the garbage? Do you grow some of your own food? Are your menu choices made with frugality in mind?

How about clothing and home furnishings, entertainment choices, and transportation? One car or two, or none? Streaming services, library DVDs, over the air TV...or no TV? Do you listen to music often? What's your source: the radio, streaming music services (the free version!), old school records?

Books from the library or garage sales? Passed from friend to friend so only one copy must be purchased? Newspapers delivered or only read on-line?

Health and exercise: How do you keep medical expenses under control? Gym membership or a walk and bike regime instead? Drugs from Canada or a pill splitter? Using free clinics?

How about hobbies? Doing what you enjoy, find enriching, and making your free time a joy are a very important part of retirement. But, lots of pastimes can be expensive. How do you deal with this frugality?

You get the idea. I thought wrapping gifts in newspapers was kind of over-the-edge, but I was promptly corrected. So, I am no judge whatsoever.

Educate me!

By Bob Lowry

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