​​​​​​​The good old days. Remember them? by Bill Storie

The good old days. Remember them? by Bill Storie

No, neither do I. They weren't that good, as I recall. The worries of not having enough money being top of the list. How did we get through?

How far back do we have to go to identify “the good old days”, is another issue. World War Two? That wasn’t good. The oil crisis in the early 70s? That wasn’t good either. The Cold War or the Cuban Missile Crisis? Nope. The effect of AIDS. Not good. The time when I had colic as a kid ? … no. That was horrible. My school days? Ok, enough.

So who came up with this notion that those days were good anyway?

I had a nice day yesterday, does that count?

So, let’s think about this some more.

Are we suggesting that people treated other people better in “those” days? Maybe. But didn’t that only come about because people lived in close-knit neighborhoods, and they looked after each other because no-one had any money, and life was a struggle? I think so.

I don’t recall with pleasure those days when I had to trudge to school through rain or snow, with holes in my shoes and a leaky school bag. I don’t recall with any pleasure the day I had to go to the dentist to have a tooth removed which had an abscess under it. I know … you don’t want to hear that kind of stuff. But it happened, honest !!!

I don’t recall with much happiness the days when our kids were sick, or someone had upset them at school, or we couldn’t afford to send them on that school trip.

I certainly don’t recall with any pleasure whatsoever, watching my football team get hammered by their big rivals. Luckily it didn’t happen too often ;-)) I hated those days. “It’s only a game” you say… yeah right !!!!!

Oh let’s cheer up.

OK, so I do recall WITH pleasure my days in the university library in Edinburgh, Scotland. Such joy. The thought that I could be anywhere in the world, doing anything I wanted, having all the money I needed. And all I had to do was open a book. The fact that the librarian was cute had nothing whatsoever to do with it !!

I liked looking at sea water coming in and going out, on the west coast of Scotland. Very soothing. Visions of distant lands and great adventures. Who knows, I might have gone with Darwin.

I never liked beaches I have to say. The fact that I have one at the bottom of the road I live in now is more of an inconvenience than anything else. I should appreciate it, but I don’t. Sorry. If you are reading this in some cold climate then I apologize. (Try moving !!)

I really was always a tomorrow kind of guy. Yesterday is gone, history. Today is Ok, but it’s trundling along to its end shortly. Tomorrow. Ah yes, tomorrow. What great things can I do tomorrow?

I can dream, and I can plan, and I can get excited about tomorrow.

So, talk not of the Good Old Days. Clocks don’t run backwards, so stop reminiscing (did I spell that correctly I wonder?). You can’t do anything about yesterday far less those days of yore.

The Old Days are gone…….. now THAT’s the “Good” part.

By Bill Storie


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