​​​​​​​How To Enjoy Retirement by Bill Storie

How To Enjoy Retirement by Bill Storie

Retirement is a phase of life that only has a future, not a past.

In other words, we can’t really go back in our life to fix something that we did wrongly or poorly years ago. We can make amends by apologizing – to others or even just to ourselves. However, if the issue was one of a financial nature, where for example we over-spent or lost money through bad investment, or we gambled it away, then because we are no win the “work-free’ zone, we probably can’t recoup that money.

We can’t get another job (we may not have any job in retirement) ; we can’t work overtime ; we can’t buy a new property to rent out ; and so forth. We’re stuck.

Therefore the idea of looking backwards to change a bad experience to a happy one has limited mileage. We can’t achieve happiness today by fixing something we did yesterday.

So what’s the answer?

Simple. Live for today and tomorrow, not yesterday.

You can only plan for the future, not the past. You have the opportunity to plan nice things for yourself. You have the opportunity to only get involved in stuff that you like. Stuff you don’t like should be thrown overboard. In fact, if there are people in your life that constantly annoy you or upset you, chuck them over the edge as well. Why suffer any more hassle from their nonsense?

Being “set in our ways” is a concept ridiculed by most observers. Too bad. Too bad for them, not us. If we like who we are and what we do and our lifestyle, then so be it. If others think it is boring, then body swerve past them. It's none of their business. This is YOUR life, live it the way YOU want.

If you want to watch a movie at three in the morning, go right ahead. The nice thing is that if you’re tired when you finally wake up, you can take a nap (they can’t !!)

If you want to eat ice cream and put on a few pounds, so what? That really upsets people. They are desperate to keep their shape, look good and be treated as “presentable” in the community. Do you care?

To some extent of course you do, but you aren’t as obsessed about it these days, and certainly not as obsessed as those who scold you. They really do need to get a life – you are perfectly happy with yours, so let them change.

Retirement happiness comes in all shapes, colors and sizes. But the is one underlying core principle.\:


You, and only you, know what pleases you. You are the only one who knows if what you do makes you happy. And, in all probability, you and only you, can change your lifestyle to discard stuff you don’t like and focus on things you do like. It’d not difficult. It really isn’t.

So, my job here is not to tell you what will make you happy. I can offer ideas and so forth certainly, but that is pointless. I can only suggest to you that whatever it is that makes you happy is what you should pursue. If you like sky-diving go ahead, knock yourself out – well actually don’t do that – but you follow my drift here.

The whole purpose of retirement is to allow you to have the time and the freedom (and hopefully the money) to do stuff you want to do. You are not constrained by a boss, or a tied-down job, or responsibilities to others, including family. You are your own woman.

I’m happy writing this but you may not be happy reading it (although you got this far !!).

Be all that you can be.

By Bill Storie



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