​​​​​​​How To Converse With Your Husband By Bill Storie

How To Converse With Your Husband By Bill Storie

When we were in the workplace and we had to dash out of the house every morning, get in the car and take a slow commute to work, we rarely had the opportunity to talk to our spouse.

Then at weekends we were running here and there – groceries, children’s football, dance class for the kids, community work, or maybe an extra job for extra cash. Whatever it was we struggled to have meaningful conversation with him/her.

Then along came retirement and suddenly we have all the time in the world to discuss things. In fact, we now have seven days a week. Some days are taken up with chores or helping others of course, but this large amount of free time makes it easy to get matters of the house or the family or life in general, sorted out.



Finally, the tech-age has engulfed us as well. We’ve been used to using e-mails at work for a few years now, and while we struggled with the new gadgets, we nonetheless grasped them eventually – later than our grand kids of course, but we got there.

In fact, we embraced these new gadgets (laptops, tablets, iPad, smart phones, etc) so well, that not only do we like using them, we are becoming addicted. Yikes.

When we go the toilet, we take the smartphone. Not to Google what to do when we get in there hopefully, but just in case we miss an important call. The fact that nobody calls us these days is irrelevant. We must be in touch.

  • Husband and wife in the living room. It’s 7:45 am and they are on their tablets.

“Good morning” she emails him.

“Good morning” he replies by email.

“How’d’ya sleep?”

“Fine. You?”


The use of real words and phrases has disappeared. We are into the new language. Gr8 isn’t it?

  • We send links to each other to view YouTube videos. But we insist that each other must wear earplugs so we don’t disturb each other,

“Did you like that video?”

“Which one?”

“The one I sent you yesterday !!”

“What was it about?”

“I can’t remember”

We also discover that our short-term memory is shot.  

  • We can only ask questions electronically nowadays.

“Are you picking up the grand kids today?”

“I think so.”

“What time ?”

“No idea”

“Email their mum”

Even family matters must go through the Internet server company it seems.

  • But I must admit that my favorite one is when the husband and wife are not speaking to each other verbally. Talk has ceased.

“I have an early flight tomorrow morning, so I need to get up at 5 am” he emails her.

“OK” she emails backs.

“Will you wake me up?” he asks.


Next morning, he opens his eyes at 7:30. Raging.

“Why didn’t you wake me up at 5?” he shouts at her across the kitchen.

“I did,” she says.

“I sent you an email”.


The days of sitting around the fire in the evening sharing our day with each other are gone. We are desperate to keep in touch with the world, so we can’t break away from our global mission to speak to the world, far less each other.



By Bill Storie

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