​​​​​​​Emptying the Bucket List From Your Couch by Bill Storie

Emptying the Bucket List From Your Couch by Bill Storie

Ok, first things first – I hate the expression “Bucket List” It just sounds morbid and tacky.

Why not “things I would like to do when I grow up.” How’s about “Doing stuff when I’m old” (g)

Anyway, for this epistle I will focus on the “bucket”. The idea is how to empty your bucket before you kick it. I get it. So, let’s think about best to do that.

You could save and save and save and go around the world in 80 days for example. You could do a world cruise. You could go live in Tuscany for a year or so (hmm, y’know what? -  that doesn’t sound too bad).

Of course, travel is maybe not on your list at all. You maybe want to learn to play the guitar, or sing at La Scala, or play football for Barcelona. But I’m going to focus on seeing the world.

So, here’s my proposal:

Sit on your couch at home, turn on You Tube and surf the world.

“Oh, wait a minute Bill, I wouldn’t get to “feel” the atmosphere.” Yikes.

Don’t you mean you wouldn’t get to “smell” the atmosphere? Have you ever been at a bull fight in Spain or a rodeo in Calgary? Maybe you’ve never spent a day on the farm. Wandering around the barrios in Rio is tough going (I’ve done it and believe me it’s a challenge).

Here are my reasons for travelling the world from the sofa:-

  1. It’s cheaper (that’s enough for me, I’m done) (g)
  2. I can sleep in my own bed that night (with the dogs of course - they don’t have to be put in kennels while you’re away).
  3. I can switch the laptop off and restart it – being on a bus tour of Switzerland is great until you get to a place you really like then the driver says, “mount up, we’re on the move again.” You can’t go back, but with a quick video rewind you can.
  4. I can stop the video, go get something to eat that I like. No need to experiment with “You gotta try this guacamole, it’s great” then be up all night with heartburn or worse !
  5. I don’t have to sleep in a 10 square foot hotel room (“travel on your budget !!”) and listen to annoying neighbors experimenting with more than guacamole.
  6. I can get a tremendous view of the concert from my sofa as opposed to sitting way up in a high balcony, two miles from the stage and needing binoculars to see the singer that I paid a fortune to see (“travel on your budget”).
  7. I don’t have to fight for a taxi after the concert and end up walking back to the hotel in the darkness in an unknown city (been there, done that, not fun).
  8. I don’t have to go through airport security checks only to discover that I have a hole in my socks and everyone giggles at me (Yes, I’ve done that too.)
  9. If I feel like moving from watching the Edinburgh Military Tattoo (brilliant by the way, done that many times over the years) to listening to an Andre Rieu concert from Maastricht (done that, brilliant) to bouncing down the Colorado Rapids (nope, never done that) to surfing along the Gold Coast in Australia (never been to Oz) …. You get the idea. You can do this by the enormous exertion of clicking the mouse and voila, you’re there.
  10. And lastly, you don’t have to dress up to go out. You can sit in the Albert Hall in London listening to the Proms in your PJs. Nobody will know. And if you are skiing in the frigid temperatures of the Alps, no big deal – your PJs will be just fine.

So, there you go, isn’t technology great?

And if you still want to trudge around the world knock yourself out. It’s entirely your call. I hope you enjoy it. I’ll see you when you get home (I’ll still have my PJs on by the way).

Bon voyage

By Bill Storie


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