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Who is QAnon?

Who is QAnon?
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Who is QAnon?
September 1, 2018


Who Is QAnon?
Early this year my friend Emily approached me after Tuesday morning Bible Study.  “Theresa,” she asked, “Who is QAnon?”  She had written the name on a piece of paper, since she wasn’t quite sure how to pronounce it.  Her concern was that her daughter followed Q and she wanted to be sure it wasn’t a cult.  I copied the words she wrote and promised to check into it.

In my research I found this definition of Q from “Q is a small elite team of heroic patriots working closely with President Trump to investigate, expose, and where necessary, prepare for the prosecution of individuals within our government (and outside) for crimes against our country and our citizens.” Q himself has said that there are “less than ten” people on his team, and his identity is known by President Trump. Furthermore, he has said most of the team is (or has been) from the military.

Q  first appeared in October 2017 at 4chan (later switched to 8chan).  That information didn’t help me much.  I tried to glean more details, and found much information on YouTube.  Although there are many people posting about Q on YouTube, I listened to explanations primarily from the “Praying Medic” who is obviously a Christian.  He stays away from salacious material and filthy language, which I appreciate.

Who are the Anons?  I am unclear as to who exactly Anon is. It is the shortened form of the word “Anonymous,” and probably represents those who follow Q closely, and interpret his work. Q’s posts are usually very terse and are called “bread crumbs”. Therefore, the Anons write about them, filling in the meaning, making them into “threads” or “bread.” Those Anons who develop the bread (explain what Q is saying to the patriots) are called “bakers.”

Some sources say Q has five million followers.  Q himself said in a tweet that 5,000 new patriots find out about him every day. Why would ordinary citizens want to follow Q?  Again, we go to “The recipients of the revelations go out and inform the public of what is going on behind the scenes in the effort to roust out enemy agents, traitors, and other evildoers, not only in Washington DC, but throughout the country and many parts of the world.”

The motto for QAnon and followers is: WWG1WGA meaning “Where we go one, we go all.”  Followers firstly believe there is a swamp in Washington DC, and President Trump intends to upend it.

Here is an example of a recent post from Q.  He is addressing a complaint from some of his followers that he repeats information so often:


REPEATS necessary

5,000 + new/day





The last line in a post, before his signature “Q”, is often concise to the point of seeming mysterious (For example see “WITH KNOWLEDGE COMES POWER” above).  Here are some other examples of the final line in various posts from Q:







The average supporters of President Trump probably did not know much about Q until the night of July 31.  That was the evening President Trump held a rally in Tampa, supporting Republican Ron Desantis, who is running for governor of Florida this year.  The rally was broadcast live on FOX News and FOX business channels.  Those who tuned in would have seen a myriad of Q posters, Q slogans and Q tee shirts.

Reporter Isaac Stanley-Becker wrote in the Washington Post the following day:

“Believers in ‘QAnon,’ as the conspiracy theory is known, were front and center at the Florida State Fairgrounds Expo Hall, where Trump came to stump for Republican candidates.  As the president spoke, a sign rose from the audience.  ‘We are Q,’it read.  Another poster displayed text arranged in a ‘Q’ pattern: ‘Where we go one we go all.’ ”

That was the only time I noticed Q signs and tee shirts in the audience of a Presidential rally. Rumor has it the Secret Service stopped the Q signs, for reasons of security.

If you would like to know more about Q, do a little research on Twitter, YouTube and other places on the net. For those of us who support President Trump, it gives us a preview of coming events. Don’t forget to pray for President Trump every day, as we are instructed to do in  I Timothy 2:1.

Remember, Patriots:WWG1WGA