A 'Not So Happy Topic'

A 'Not So Happy Topic'

It is a Happy New Year, and most Americans want to put politics behind them and enjoy the prosperity and peace the Lord has promised to pour out on our country.  President Elect Trump has, among his advisers, a set of prominent Christian leaders led by former congresswoman Michelle Bauchman.  This group of leaders meet by telephone conference each Monday, and Ms. Bauchman then reports their discussions back to the Trump administration.  Mr. Trump is actually aware (and appreciative of) the fact that the evangelicals, as well as the blue collar workers in the Rust Belt, put him over the top in the November election.


So all is well on the political front, or so it seems.  Not so in the Democratic Party, unfortunately.  In my view, all Christians who call themselves “Democrats” should read their party platform, and learn what the goals of their party really are.


But that document is just the tip of the iceberg.  I take no pleasure or satisfaction in what I write next.  I feel it must be reported.  Be forewarned.  This information was never reported by the main stream media, including Fox News.  At least, I never heard it, but it is true.  Due to the WikiLeaks project of Julian Assange, we now know that occultic activity appears to reach into the very highest levels of Democrat operations.  It references Democratic operative Tony Podesta. He is the brother of Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta.


The following news report is from James Robinson’s Christian news website, “The Stream.”


“WikiLeaks released an email forwarded to him [John Podesta} by his brother Tony inquiring if he was going to attend a “spirit-cooking dinner” with Tony’s artist friend Marina Abramovic.  Abramovic is a performance artist whose shows include nudity, masturbation, cutting her body and washing a skeleton in her lap.  She has taken professional photos of herself related to the occult, including one of her holding a bloody goat’s head.  Her latest book, Walk Through the Walls, contains extensive material on clairvoyants and tarot cards and discusses her ability as a mystic to predict world events.”


Abramovic’s invitation to Mr. Podesta read:


“A dinner night with Mariana during which she will teach you and other backers at this level how to cook a series of traditional soups, which you will all enjoy together.  The night will end with the making of a golden ball, a recipe given to Marina in a Tibetan monastery.  Marina will bring to this dinner a Spirit Cooking memento for each backer to keep.”


John Podesta did not attend the “Spirit Cooking” function; we need to be clear on that.  However, he was invited.  Recall that John Podesta is the person that went out to the crowd at 2:30 am on election night and spoke on Hillary’s behalf after she lost the election.  Here is the email sent to his brother Tony and released by WikiLeaks.


From: Marina Abramovic


“June 28, 2015 at 2:35:08 AM GMT+2 To: Tony Podesta


Tony, I am so looking forward to the Spirit Cooking dinner at my place.  Do you think you will be able to let me know if your brother is joining?  All my love, Marina.”


The following excerpt from the Stream explains Spirit Cooking, and is graphic and disgusting.


“Spirit Cooking was the name of a disturbing performance Abramovic staged at a number of museums around the world in the ‘90s, painting graffiti with pigs’ blood.  She also issued a cookbook as part of the project, named Spirit Cooking with Essential Aphrodisiac Recipes.  It contains recipes calling for bodily fluids such as urine, semen, saliva, and breast milk. After the email was leaked, Abramovic denied ever meeting John Podesta, and said the dinner was merely a party to reward Tony Podesta and other who had contributed to her Kickstarter campaign…”


Tony Podesta [John’ brother] and his former wife had been major players in Democratic politics for years. Tony worked in the presidential campaigns for President Bill Clinton and Senator John Kerry. People who attended functions at their home would notice an eight foot tall painting of a naked man, as they entered the Podesta home. One bedroom had photos of naked teenage girls.


Mr. and Mrs. Tony Podesta were featured in an article in the Washington Post, “Married, With Art,” September 23, 2004. It read in part: “You’ve got to be pretty secure to have an eight foot tall naked man in your living room in Washington, D,C,” Heather [wife of Tony Podesta when this article was written] says of her husband’s choice… “At political events, there’s an inevitable awkwardness,” former Clinton administration official Sally Katzen said at a Women’s Campaign Fund dinner at the Podestas’ home this summer. “The art is an ice-breaker. It puts people at ease.” (This article has since been removed from the Washington Post website.)


Dabbling in things of the dark side are indicative of what this present battle in the political arena is actually about, namely world domination. It is the rise of the antichrist spirit, empowered by Satan VS the soon coming return of the Lord.


Mike Bickle explains it like this:


“The kingdom of darkness says, We’ll fascinate the human heart with sex, and occult power, and all kinds of other dimensions.  They’ll be fascinated with murder, with occultism, with immorality.  The perversion is exploding.  The devil is going after the fascination of the human spirit.


The Holy Spirit says, ‘I take My stand: they’ll be fascinated by the beauty of the Branch.  I will fascinate My people with the Son of God.’ ”

Extreme Times Require Extreme Measures,

Mike Bickle, p.9, Extreme Times Require Extreme Measures,

Part 2, Transcript: 05/26/02


Moses said to the children of Israel long ago:


19 I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live;


We are soon to depart from this planet, that it may receive its judgment. We need to make sure every aspect of our life is in order.

This ministry is dedicated to preparing the Jews, the nations and the Church for the return of the Lord. When we began in 2003, many scoffed at the idea that we were entering a time of judgment in America and around the world. Today, with international economic crises, sexual licentiousness and violence rising exponentially, people are becoming more frightened—and more teachable—than ever before. Based on the book “From the Hidden– You Will Understand It Perfectly,” the evening news, the great prophetic voices of our day and the geopolitical alliances in our world, we reexamine the ancient words God revealed to His prophets in both Testaments. God promised many times that He would tell the future before it happens. “Surely the Lord God does nothing, unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets” (Amos 3:7). Later Jesus said in John 14:20: “But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things…” The information in the ARTICLES/PROPHECIESsection on this website usually corresponds with a specific series I have taught or am teaching. For more information on those series, visit our STORE. We are living at a time when God will use every willing Christian. The “no-accounts,” “do nothings,” and “nameless faceless people” in the Body of Christ will rise and take the world for Jesus. It is our destiny to turn the world upside down, as the apostles once did (see Acts 17:6). If you sense in your heart we are in a time of great danger and great opportunity, a time of paradigm shift, then you will enjoy browsing this site. God Bless You, Theresa Garcia