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Kat Kerr joins Patricia King to give answers about the afterlife, not only from theology, but from personal visits to heaven
Dr. Kennedy speaks about needing friends.
Are you or someone you love addicted or controlled by a substance, emotion, or behavior? Do you have a loved one enslaved to an addiction involving...
From the message: A Taste of Victory - The Life of Joshua "Not Going Back"
How open and honest are you when you pray? What questions would you like to ask God? Does injustice grab your attention? The prophet Habakkuk is...
Learn to see yourself how God sees you and why He wants you to know who you really are!
You may be surprised by some of the viewpoints of hell that are shared in this program!
Ken Connolly, producer and narrator of the moving documentary on the life of George Müller, Obstacle to Comfort, delivers this stirring two-part...

Sid Roth shares amazing stories of the supernatural healing power of God and how we can grab hold of that same power.
"Now Is The Time" Television Program with Meri Crouley.
Flesh and Spirit (1) GCN TV Sermon by Pastor Soojin Lee
The Voice and Guidance of the Holy Spirit (3) Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee
Thank you for taking time out of your day to check out this interview video! See more of our work and learn more about who we are and our vision...
Dr. Dan Wilson joins Patricia King in sharing how God can bring you into a Supernatural Marriage of intimacy, fulfillment and love!
Graham shares prophetic wisdom he's learned from the Lord and reveals how we can enter into deeper prophetic experiences, too.
Faisal Malick was a Muslim until he had a powerful encounter with Jesus Christ and came to know Him as Lord.
Jesus talked about hell quite a lot - Patricia discusses various aspects of hell, along with Jonathan Edwards preaches on it.
Girls are being targeted for death – just because they are girls. Women in China are being forced to have abortions as late as nine months. Reggie...
This episode will help you understand the awesome authority you have over every work of the enemy. Get trained!
Learn to see yourself how God sees you and why He wants you to know who you really are!