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Dr. Lawrence Kennedy speaks about whats in your heart.
Patricia King and James Goll share about how Jesus has commissioned us to raise the dead.
Patricia shares from her heart and honors these two important men in her life, her husband and her father.
Joan Hunter joins Patricia King and shares amazing testimonies of how Jesus, the Prince of Peace, provides healing to all in stress.
Dr. Lawrence Kenned speaks about how refreshing others should be the key goal of every relationship.
Patricia King shares how you can enter the Blessing Zone of God, secured for you by Jesus on the cross.
Learn the legal spiritual power released when you decree according to God's Word and why it must be established.
In session 55, pastor Bob Beltz continues speaking about the topic of prayer.
Robert Hotchkin joins Patricia King to talk about how the love and light of Jesus is shattering the darkness of sex trafficking.

Phil Mason joins Patricia King to talk about the power of Jesus to heal the hurts, betrayals, rejections, traumas and brokenness that can lead to a...
Have you ever wondered what the "Fear of the Lord" is? Stacey Campbell joins Patricia to share insights from their powerful encounters.
Patricia King shares how you can enter the Blessing Zone of God, secured for you by Jesus on the cross.
Joshua Mills and Patricia share keys on how each of us can live in the glory realm.
Dennis Walker of Dunamis Ministries joins Patricia King to discuss the topic of your garden in heaven and to share an encounter he recently had with...
Faytene Kryskow shares how the Lord is raising up "dread champions" to shift nations.
Learn how you can live in the realm of God's supernatural glory!
Faytene Grassechi and Patricia dialogue about how the Lord is bringing forward women in this hour to the "front lines" of ministry.
The believer can access God's goodness and glory at any time - listen to Patricia King share about God's supernatural glory!
From the message: "Vision - Seeing What God Wants"