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Dale Recinella went from handling billions of dollars to ministering in prisons after a near-death encounter with Jesus.
Hollywood's War on God is a mind-blowing, eye-popping documentary that reveals how satanic forces are using Hollywood's most memorable...
In session 47, pastor Bob Beltz takes a look at Jesus' statement, "I am the light of the world."
Dr. Lawrence Kennedy speaks about whats in your heart.
Increase your ability to seize God's promises and blessings as Patricia King shares biblical strategies to lay hold of God's promises.
Pastor Jack Graham brings to life some of the greatest heroes and heroines of the Bible in Epic Adventures. You’ll grow deeper in your faith as you...
"Now Is The Time" Television Program with Meri Crouley and Dr. Mary Holley discussing methamphetamine. (Show 59 Part 2)
We were made to know Father God and His fatherly love - start the journey into the safe and loving arms of your Father today!
Pastor Jack Graham brings to life some of the greatest heroes and heroines of the Bible in Epic Adventures. You’ll grow deeper in your faith as you...
The OLU students test their faith and courage as they tell people about God on a college campus. Also included: GiftWow and Dubstep Sunday School.

Dennis Walker of Dunamis Center joins Patricia King to share amazing stories of miracles he has seen the Lord do all over the world.
Learn keys for acceleration and promotion in your life during this episode by Faytene Kryskow and Patricia King.
Darrell & Sherri Beebe share a horrific tale of their brutal assault and abuse in the Palau Island where they were doing missionary work... and...
Patricia discusses the changing face of the church. Reaching through barriers on the world wide web. Introduces you to XPwebchurch.com
Jesus talked about hell quite a lot - Patricia discusses various aspects of hell, along with Jonathan Edwards preaches on it.
Have you ever wondered how you can be more fruitful and see more abundance in your life? Watch this program to learn how!
If you need a financial miracle, this episode is for you - hear insights God has given Joan Hunter.
This episode will help you understand the awesome authority you have over every work of the enemy. Get trained!
Heidi Baker shares the secret of how to have radical impact for the Kingdom and it all begins with "stopping for the one"
In session 44, pastor Bob Beltz continues talking about the Sermon on the Mount by talking about the beatitude, "Blessed are the Pure in Heart...
You may be surprised by some of the viewpoints of hell that are shared in this program!
Have you ever wondered what the "Fear of the Lord" is? Stacey Campbell joins Patricia to share insights from their powerful encounters.
Della Lamb offers hope and assistance to low-income Kansas City people of all ages. Programs are designed to create self-sufficiency through...
Have you ever wondered what it will be like when you arrive in heaven? Will you see your pets? Kat Kerr shares her insights.