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Dennis Walker of Dunamis Center joins Patricia King to share amazing stories of miracles he has seen the Lord do all over the world.
Phil Mason joins Patricia King to talk about the power of Jesus to heal the hurts, betrayals, rejections, traumas and brokenness that can lead to a...
Patricia King & James Goll examine the command to "Raise the Dead" What does this mean? Is it done today?
Learn how you can live in the realm of God's supernatural glory!
Patricia King and Randy DeMain continue to talk about the Nephilim. We know they existed in Bible times but if Nephilim really do exist today, how...
God is pouring out His Spirit on all flesh. Revival includes flesh which can get messy. Incredible manifestation of gold dust on Joshua
Sid Roth shares how when God wanted to reach the world, He started with Abraham & Jesus also started with the Jews first.
Che Ahn shares how an encounter with Holy Spirit pulled him out of a drug lifestyle and how God can use you in similar ways.
Barbie Breathitt joins Patricia King to share some profound insights about the seer anointing.
Brian "HEAD" Welch - Amazing Life Story Drugs / SEX / KORN / Love and Death SEE MORE - http://d2lrev.com/
Family life in America is not at all what it once was! And there is a great need today for people everywhere to begin deliberately building healthy...

How can we change governments, shift legislation and impact nations by partnering with God in prayer? Watch now!
Dr. Kennedy speaks about What God Remembered.
Part 1 of 2. Patricia King shares about how YOU can use the light of Jesus that dwells in you to glorify Him in amazing ways!
Jesus - Follow Me and Become Like Me. God's will for our lives is for us to follow and become like Jesus.
In session 56, pastor Bob Beltz talks about Mathew 10 where Jesus sends out his disciples.
Joan Hunter joins Patricia King and shares amazing testimonies of how Jesus, the Prince of Peace, provides healing to all in stress.
Joshua Mills and Patricia share keys on how each of us can live in the glory realm.
Becky Fischer and Patricia share how God is moving in power among the children.
Bobby Conner joins Patricia King to discuss how we need the power of God as much as ever to share the reality of the Lord and His Kingdom with a lost...
Patricia King and Matt Sorger share how God wants to touch people where they are with His glory power so they know how real loving He is.
Joan Hunter has a powerful healing ministry and has grown up seeing miraculous healings and miracles.
Of Jesus, the Jew who divided history, it has been said that ‘all of the armies that ever marched , all of the navies that ever sailed, and all of...
How can we change governments, shift legislation and impact nations by partnering with God in prayer? Watch now!
Download at iTunes: http://bit.ly/1myBHr3 Music video directed by Steven L Weaver. Music produced by Joe Baldridge. Written by Dan Fritz & Oran...