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Tikkun International is a Messianic Jewish umbrella organization for an apostolic network of leaders, congregations and ministries in covenantal...
Have you ever wondered what it will be like when you arrive in heaven? Will you see your pets? Kat Kerr shares her insights.
The music industry is filled with worldly mixture - Scott MacLeod addresses some of the issues of Kingdom purity in this episode.
Do you have promises not yet fully realized? If so, watch this episode and learn how to see every promise of God come forth in fullness.
In session 64, pastor Bob Beltz talks about Jesus visiting the Feast of Tabernacles.
For over two years, filmmaker Brian Luke Seaward traveled to many of the world's most pristine locations - Patagonia(Chile), the Caribbean,...
Jase Robertson, one of the stars of Duck Dynasty, takes time to talk about his strong Christian faith and how he handles Hollywood life while still...
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Are you thinking of adopting a child? Be inspired and encouraged by this couple helping others to also adopt!

Jesus has equipped us to go into all the world and move in His presence and power!  In this program, watch lives being touched.
Patricia King shares how you can enter the Blessing Zone of God, secured for you by Jesus on the cross.
The believer can access God's goodness and glory at any time - listen to Patricia King share about God's supernatural glory!
David found himself in the one place he feared most. Alone. Abused and neglected, Cadie grew up alone. Alone is a place God never wants for any of...
Learn the legal spiritual power released when you decree according to God's Word and why it must be established.
Dr. David Van Koevering explains the way God created the universe. As he shares, you will gain an understanding of the “invisible realm” of quantum...
Joshua Mills joins Patricia King to talk about how you can tap into Kingdom wealth and unlock the realms of favor, blessing and increase.
“God on the Streets 3” Join Patricia King as she shares about the Go Ye commission.
Media molds mindsets and new media is the fastest-growing means of communication the world has ever seen. Use it for Kingdom purposes!
Johnny Enlow joins Patricia King to reveal some powerful spiritual weapons we have at our disposal and they share key divine strategies that will...
Graham Cooke joins Patricia King to share keys the Lord has given him on how to overcome stress and be at peace no matter what.